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When will i stop feeling hungry


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Hello again,

Told you i would be on here constantly. Its day 4 and my tastebuds are adapting to the shakes but i am still starving. Just got in from work and I could eat my own arm.
I wont give in to temptation because i see from all the threads on here that when your body goes into ketosis that you stop feeling hungry.

When will this happen????????????????

Even the hubby is keeping the cats away from me now cos he says i am looking at them like i am sizing them up for dinner. LOL .
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Should happen over the next day I would think. I just try and drink more water when I feel hungry although my tummy does make growling noises !
The key really is stop thinking your on a diet all the time! i did it all my first week and nearly gave in!
im on day 8 and feeling less hungry! just keep drinking water, all the time! it tends to stop the hunger for me strangely!
Go to your wardrobe and pick out something that doesnt fit you at the moment and hang it up somewhere you can see it! and every now and again put the clothing on and just think how much better it would look if you were that bit smaller!
i try my jeans on everyday and its working! woooo good luck :)


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Water, water, water, water, water, water water ..... and if that doesn't work - try some water (soooooorreeeeeeeeeee! ;) )

Honestly - if you're drinking about 4lts of the stuff - you haven't got ROOM for anything else! Try it sparkling - I never used to like it but I do now ..... mind you I never used to like eating carpet tiles either but I've got used to the flapjcks now too - I actually LIKE the coconut ones!

You'll be fine! xx


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S: 17st5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st10lb(9.88%)
Will take every piece of advice i get because i am soooo determind to do this. It is actually much easier that dieting with food to be honest.

Thanks for the support.
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I definately find it easier than healthy eating or dieting with food, because we cant have anything at all pass our mouths or it ruins it we make sure we dont but when healthy eating we always end up cheating every now and again or we fall off the wagon and think il start again tomorrow, with this diet noone wants to have to start again and go through those very hungry few days again xxx
should be anytime now, drink some lukewarm water it really helps.


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Chukki that's funny about the cats!!
I haven't been hungry since starting really (last thurs)...until today that is. my stomach has been growling since i got up this morning!
hard to ignore isn't it? but i guess we just have to keep chugging down the water and thinking about the end goal won't we?!
looking at the inspiration thread on here has perked me up in some weak moments x


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Should be any day soon your very close :) I just gulp like a pint of water in 5 secs and that will do the trick for a little while haha Please dont eat your cat they have feelings haha x

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