When will it get easier?


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finding my way again !
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hi Lelly
i made the mistake of eating when i felt so awful, DON'T do that it will only make life worse.
in the next day or 2 you will feel so much better so stick with it hun, the rewards are really worth the few bad days
good luck hun


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pandora is right. just hang on in until ur first weigh in and u will be pleased with the results. the first week is tough but it gets easy and that means a lot more for your 2 girls in the long term than a couple more days of feeling blech.

keep drinking the water and see how amazing ur skin feels. not to mention the boundless energy u will have! honestly, ur energy levels will pick up to better than ever if u hold on a little longer. if not, u will probably regret it and not want to start all over again

best of luck xxxxx


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As Pandora and Karen have already said - stick at it. Most people are in full ketosis and feeling fine after a few days, so you should be fine soon, and certainly by your first weigh in.

Some people cut down on their intake prior to starting and this eases the feelings of ickiness as the body has already started to adjust. If you did not do that and went straight in at the deep end ....

Just stick at it - you are almost at the top of the wall. A couple more days and you will be at the top, and believe me - the view is brilliant once you are there!



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lelly I really feel sorry for you because you have had a hard time since day 1, I feel guilty because my hardest day for yesterday (day 6). But keep at it, I just try and look at one day at a time, your 1st weigh in will soon be there.

I try to remind myself that everyone says the 1st two weeks are the hardest


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Today is day 4 and I feel awful today, just want to give it up, have no energy whatsoever and with 2 little girls to look after it isnt so great. I know everyone is different but if you felt bad when did you feel 'normal' again?


L x


Don't give up babe. Believe me you have cracked the hardest part of this journey you are on. You will start to adjust to the programme and will start feeling better in the next day or two.

Many people say for them the hard part is the getting in to ketosis (3-4 days). However, I found the first week difficult as mentally you can not comprehend not eating anything at all after what was in my case very large quantities.

Have faith and keep strong. You can do it Lelly.



Keep your chin up Lelly - there's plenty of people on here that managed to get through it and just concentrate on them and their weight losses, hopefully that will help.

It must be hard with having the kids too, but it really will be worth it


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Hey Lelly,
Dont give up honestly you will feel worse for it and then after you will think well it wasnt that great anyway.
I know I have been there done that so many times but this time its working and I do feel better so will you in the next day or so.
Keep smiling and thinking of the summer when you can show off your fab new figure.
All the best


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Day 4-6 is pants! Stick with it and it will get better...honest.

Day 5 I alternated between wanting to eat te furniture I was so hungry and wanting to sleep for 24 hours.

But it did pass after the first week and I felt very different. I've been sole sourcing for 9 weeks now.


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Thankyou everyone for all your kind words! I havent given up, I went out for a walk and felt much better after it! Well, today is a new day, I still feel rubbish but I will get over it!!

Thanks again :)



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Well done lelly. It takes a strong person to keep going and not give in when the going gets tough. I hope i can follow your example and get through the tough times.

You will be so pleased at your first weigh in -0 it will be worth all the effort. I promise. :)


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LellyThe first 5 days are the hardest........Not eating is very very difficult from a pyschological perspective because from the time you are a toddler you are encouraged to eat all your dinner. As a mum of two young children myself I understand where you are coming from. Its difficult because you still have to provide food for the family. When I am at home I seem to be constantly in the kitchen preparing food or juice or cleaning up. The first week ever that I was on lipotrim I was watching tv one night and counted 17 ads for food...........17......!! We are brainwashed into wanting food....for comfort, for a treat.....not for nutrition and to survive....so its no wonder when we take food out of the equation that our mouth says come on feed me. A voice says.........a few chips and a bite of burger or a few glasses of wine won't make any difference......and it probably won't if you only do it once......but the problem is cheating on this diet can bring you out of ketosis quickly............especially if you eat carbs. ......which makes you feel hungry and deprived and you have to go through all the hard work of getting back into ketosis again.....which is very hard. I am preaching because I have done it and some of you might learn from my mistakes........nothing tastes as good as feeling slimmer feels. When I stick to my shakes I feel great, I look good and my weight drops every single week. I am switching to Cambridge from lipotrim this week for more variety and the tetra packs.........I can't wait. Keep going........and well done !The first weigh in is so worth it..and gives you the boost for week two.xBettyboo


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Lelly glad youre sticking with it. Bettyboo is so right with her comments. The amount of times I have given up on a diet I could kick myself, this time with everyones help we can get there..


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How are you now lelly?

I treated myself to lots of pampering and early nights in the first couple of weeks and it really helped so much.

Well done on sticking to it through this hard time you will soon be rewarded handsomely!

Dizzy x