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When you get to target...

Do you plan on continuing to go to group?
I ask because I have seen so many people get to target over the years at my group, only to not see them again for a year or more until they rejoin having gained some or all of the weight back.
As you probably know I've gained a bit back but I know full well that if I'd left 2 years ago, I'd have put it all back on and more. This gain has gone on so easily over the weeks and it's scared me a bit really.
I know I can never ever not go to group now which is in itself, a scary thought!

So do you all plan on continuing or do you think you'll be able to maintain alone?
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The two groups that I frequent have target members who still come - maybe only once a month but it does seem to keep them on the straight and narrow

Hope that helps



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Ive been at target for about 5 weeks still going to group and plan to keep going I also stay to group there are other target members at my group who go get weighed and leave ... i know you dont ever get a chance of SOW or SOM anymore but I still like staying to group even if its just to sit and chat about food which is the favourite topic of conversation lol. Think if I stopped going I would also pile the weight back on. Staying at group I think will help kick me into touch if I go out of range :) well thats what I am hoping but it is early days yet
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Well, as you know, I have extensive experience now of being at target (31.5 hours and counting!).........

I do on-line and unfortunately I don't get free membership when at target BUT I have still paid up until the end of the year and I will continue my membership (despite having to pay for it) after that. I really feel that the discipline of still having to WI every week will mean it more likely that I keep a real beady eye on not letting it slip. Maybe I could do fine without this, but to be honest I am not willing to take the risk. The way I lost weight was succesful so I don't see why i should rock the boat and change the way I keep track of myself now I am at target

It's a real shame on line members don't get some sort of target member perk but I'm not sure how they could do it!
Good on you for carrying on with it though CP.
I'll be looking to you for Target Member expertise now you know!
I am absolutely going to keep going. I am fundamentally lazy and unless I keep on top of it then I will soon pile it back on again with the odd cake or ten here and there...

Need to get there first though!


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I plan on staying once I reach target - I like the idea of getting something free for life! But then, I quite enjoy the whole going to group thing anyway.

My C has already said she wants me to keep coming - otherwise she'll need to find another volunteer for the pay station!
We have several target members in our group and although they don't turn up every week, they still come quite regularly. Occasionally someone will go out of their target range and then it can be picked up and corrected quite quickly.

They are also very popular and useful members of the group - people like to talk to someone who has got to target.
I will still be going else I'll just end up a big fatty again...I know I can be bad if I know Im not going one week and hit the skids so experience shows me I need to weigh in every week ;)
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I still go to class every week as I need the discipline; eventually there will come a time when I no longer go each week but at the mo I need to, and I enjoy the company.

I no longer keep a food diary but I still keep track of my syns on my excel spreadsheet;)
Do you plan on continuing to go to group?

I know I can never ever not go to group now which is in itself, a scary thought!

So do you all plan on continuing or do you think you'll be able to maintain alone?
I felt very similar to this when I got to target, & I'll be really honest in the time since I have been target, I have only been back twice :eek:

BUT - that is mainly due to the fact, like you say, I found the thought of going back to group every week for however long very daunting. For me reaching my target weight means I have to learn how to continue my life with my current weight by myself. That for me means being disaplined enough to make the right choices of meals & equally being strong enough when it comes to treats.

So far so good! 2.5 months down the line I do keep a check on my weight with my own scales. I also still plan my meals each day, deciding on red/green days. I allow myself "treats" but then have learnt how to restict myself aswell.

Without the initial SW meetings & more so probably this forum, I wouldn't have done so well. I therefore WILL NOT let myself gain more weight that would take me to being out of target.

I think its an individual choice as to wether you continue to attend groups, but it has to be a choice that suits you. x
i will still go to group when i reach target for one i like group for 2 its one and a half hours away from the kids lol
and i think it could be very easy to fall back into the old trap :)


Now to maintain.....
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i still plan on going to class when i get to target!!
its free,a social outing and i really do believe it'll help me keep on track or pick up me going slightly out of range so i can quickly correct it.also i can continue to buy and new mags,books,hi fi bars etc.
i find that you always pick up tips and things as class-its invaluable!
obviously i wont break my neck to get to class as i do now-at the moment once every month to 6 weeks its damn near impossible and i have to call favours,and its awkward to get there and back- and i wouldnt do this at target,just on my 'journey' i cant bear to miss a class.


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I first got to target in mid-june, slipped out of range (under) and then reset target, and claimed target again at the start of August. In that time - i've never missed a group.

For me - it's one evening a week where by i have "me" time. No work, no family - just me doing what i want to do with people i want to spend it with. it's as much a social occassion as it is about stepping on the scales.

I have no intention of not going to group - though once in a while, due to work commitments, I may have to go to a different group now. No hardship there.


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