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When you hit your target weight

Hi guys,

I am quite away from my target weight,
But i am scared i wont be able to keep the weight off,
Is there any body out there who can let me know there way off life after the CD?

I went away on a weekend and put on 4lb, so you can see why i am worried.

Week 1 = -5
Week 2 = -2 (totm)
Week 3 = -4
Week 4 = -5
Week 5 = -4
Week 6 = +4 (on holiday)
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We have lots of fantastic maintainers on here .... Icemoose, Summerskye, KD to name but 3 that pop into my head straight away.

The key to successfully maintaining is to have a plan for when you stop CD-ing. I encourage all my clients to go up through the plans - ideally 2 weeks for each. Then once you have mastered these if you do 1500cals during the week - and then enjoy yourself at the weekend you'll be fine. Or look at low Gi eating plan.

I also have clients who come back to me monthly and still have a cambridge meal as a supplement to their diet. So one lady has a tetra for breakfast as she lives on her own and previously didn't have breakfast as bread/milk went off. Now each morning she has a tetra and it stops her from overeating at lunchtime. Another lady has a bar for her lunch every day - she said she went back to having a sarnie - then adding a bag of crisps to that - then adding a choc bar!!! She loves the bars and has one with a coffee for lunch every day, meaning she can have a normal brekkie and dinner. You can stay in touch with your CDC and still get weighed every month then as well.
Yeah I am planning on eating 1500 x3 days a week and 2000 x4 days a week and then working out between 3 and 5 times a week to maintain my weight.

If I can manage that then I will be so so so so happy :)
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I'm not near either but my cdc has tried to encourage me to get active and get exercising and I must admit I now enjoy it and look forward to it despite being a self admitted couch potato before I started. Also changing bad habits well i'm on the diet so eating at correct times of day etc, infact I think this was most of my problem coupled with the lack of exercise with the final 20% being beer binges and food at the weekend which I will not be going back to.
Thanks for the tips Flirty40greeneyes, it will be a few months yet before I start the plans (January I hope) and have already started to look at what people do, as I definitely want to maintain when I get to goal. I don't want to go back to the way I was.
Im just 4lb off target and reality is starting to kick in that I have to eat "normally" again.... Ive got my weigh in on Thurs so if I have hit target I will then start very slowly introducing low gi foods. Im going to continue having one shake a day then "real" food for the rest of the day! Its very daunting because its taken alot of work and money to lose all this weight so I have got to stick to a healthy diet now. Crisps and chocolates are only a rare treat and not a daily necessity which it was in my life before CD!! xx
Hi I've only got 3lb to loose to get to goal and I'm dreading having to eat normal food, never thought I'd be saying that lol. Anyway I will stay positive and see what happens.


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Hi maintained for few months so far bit of advice for you are :-
Follow the plans each one for couple of weeks helps to learn about portion size and reintroduces carbs slowly so you shouldnt have a big gain from water retention .A small gain is only from reintroducing carbs and wont be there long so dont freak out and think you have failed
Join a cal counting web site for a while I use food focus which is free but think most recomend weight loss resources you pay a fee for this one but think it has a lot to offer .Maqny other sites to choose from they will let you know your cals carbs ect .
For a while you are still on your diet as such ,you will slowly feel more comfortable with a new way to eat more veg and fruit healthy carbs and fats .You will find that you just know how many cals you have had so it becomes normal to eat healthy this is the transition to maintainance in stead of dieting .I am almost threre and now adjust my eating from day to day without logging it on line as I go .I do still log it all at night just to check and I very rearly go over for the week now so hope I am almost there but early days yet .Good luck start to make a plan for when you finish CD as you wont panic to much if its al set out for you for a while xx


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have you thought that maybe there is some work that might have to be done on understanding why you gained weight in the first place. if there are reasons and they havent been understood and dealt with then there might be a chance that having got to goal there is a perpetual struggle to not gain rather than just being able to enjoy being healthy. there is lots of help for understanding the underlying causes of overeating/unhealthy eating on the different forums here.

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