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I can usually tell after about 5lbs, usually my face is the first place I lose it from ahaha!


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I don't really notice it - it's usually compliments from people I don't see every day or clothes getting looser :)


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To be honest I can't a huge difference looking at myself, but I notice in my clothes and people telling me I look slimmer. Also I take measurements every month as this proves to me that my body is physically changing.


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i usually notice in half stone lumps lol i lose its of my waist face hips thighs and bum first!!! lol i shouldn't really be a women!

Not theres many places left to lose it after all of those lol


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Oooh yes measurements - need to make sure I keep up with them as well - thanks for the reminder :)


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its weird. i mean i didnt do weight in on tues cos of the snow but i kinda feel it drop off.. im probably imaginging it


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I honestly can't tell, I have lost nearly 2 stone and I can tell because clothes are looser and people tell me, but not by me looking in a mirror, maybe its because I have so much to lose, I don't know. I'm just happy its coming off :D


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You know what ive deliberately not posted this as I know im going to sound weird but I always know when im having a good week because I get what I can only describe as small twitches in various parts of my body which doesnt happen when im not dieting.

Okay, so its probably all in my head but to me its almost like im feeling the excess fat in my body being burnt. Its funny that when I feel it a lot I always lose well that week. I dont have any health issues so cant explain it otherwise, lol.

Oh my god I sound crazy!!!!!!


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LOL, I don't think you're mad! I could always tell when I was going to lose several pounds at weigh-in because I would feel like a tightening across my lower back.


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You know, even though I have lost over 2 stone I can't see it in the mirror, which is daft really as my tummy is now almost flat.
I said that to my OH the other day, and he did say I was being really silly as he could see the huge change!
I can tell it mainly in my clothes. I am thrilled as I am wearing a suit today that I could not get the trousers over my hips when I re-started SW. It now actually hangs and is too big!! I wore it a few weeks ago and it fitted just right so I must have lost weight since. I don't know as WI was canceled this week.


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I've found the closer I get to target, the more I can notice the small amounts on my body.

When I had more to lose, I never really noticed it from week to week, and I'm a slow loser, but other people would notice more than I.

Now I seem to really tell when I'm up a lb - I feel heavier, can feel it in my clothes etc. Conversely, when I'm doing well and am sure I'm on for a loss, I can feel that too. I just feel lighter and clothes fit better. Partly psychological I'm sure, but I am sure now that I'm lighter each lb is more noticable!


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my belly feels flatter in the first week, but when ive lost 1 stone before, i noticed it in my face , and pull my jeans up when i walk because my bum loses weight off it too


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Other people always notice it before I do, but then I'm my biggest critic! I notice it in my hips and my waist first...and the way my bras fit!

Regarding noticing a small change, I don't. I just let the scales do the talking.


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LOL.....Oh boy I wish, I have so far to go that I will have to lose about 5 stones before my mirror tells a different story......


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Its around half stone for me, in my face and tummy, and i love quorn, lol