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Where abouts are we all losing it?!!


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Hello lovelies I have been doing alot of thinking this evening and after trailing through some photo's I was wondering if I was the only one that is trying to figure out where i've lost the most weight.
I'm intruiged to see whereabouts others seem to be losing theirs too as some people have lost it from their ankles and there faces and some mainly there tummys and bums.
I personally think mine is my face so far but my ultimate goal is actually to get rid of my cankles and my bingo wings xxx
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Hiya thats an interesting one, I've lost from my chest the most but my fingers are shrinking my rings are falling off which is odd to me! But it's slowly coming off my upper arms, face and lastly tummy but i've compleatly lost my ass hahaha
I've lost loads off my waist, face and my neck!!! My boobs have reduced too but they were enormous anyway! I've also noticed that my shoes have become a lot looser - strange but definitely slacker!!!! xxx
fat disappearing off my face, bingo wings, back, love handles and calves! :D


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Thats wicked guys :)
I have notived my rings feel loser too and also my boots around my calves x


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Mine is definitely my face and shoulders/collar bone area. Wish my huge hips and bum would slim a bit though!!! :massmoon:


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Aww lol yes my purse is feeling alot lighter too. Although sometimes i feel it's a small sacrifice for the results i'm getting xx


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i am not sure where mines going from as i don't think i look different anywhere ?? but clothes are not fitting and smaller sizes are starting to fit but visually i am not sure yet


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hiya, altogether pre cd included ive lost 11in from my waist, 7in from my hips, 6in from under my bust, 5in from over bust, 2in from each thigh, 1in from bingo wings, 3st 2lb, and gone from a 20-22 down to a 14-16, and gained an inch in my hight, i lost an inch and a half when i gained 3 1/2 st. so lost laods from everywhere, my face is laods amaller, will add some more pics on wed, well done everyone. xxxx


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Apparently most ppl lose it from top to bottom and the fat cells reduce from the smallest areas first.
My face is deffo where ive seen a difference, then i think a bit from everywhere, wish my hips would lose some


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Thats excellent guys,
I wish my hips and thighs would lose some more and my arms. But most definatley my thighs as they are monsterous :( xx
People have commented on my face and bottom! Inches-wise I have lost most off waist but bust not far behind. Surprised at how my arms have shrunk too. That was one part of me I hated. Tum is going now too but that's a combination of CD and exercise/toning.

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