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Where am I going wrong?

xx Cathy xx

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This is the first day of my second full week and I've gained 4lb since starting last Thurs!

I'm probably being impatient as I'm switching from LT but Since my weigh in last Tues I was 12st13lb, started Atkins at 12st 11lb, went down to 12st10lb after 2days then it started coming back on. Tues I went for weigh in at 12st13lb so stayed the same by their scales, yesterday I was 13st and this morning I'm 13st2lb!

I'm doing everything like I should, drinking loads etc and I'm tracking my food through My Fitness Pal and never going above 20carbs, most of the days I'm having around 15-16g and most of these are from my salads and veg.

Sorry to moan but feeling very fat at the moment as my shirts are feeling tighter again :(
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Call me Linzi...
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One of the first things your doing wrong is weighing yourself so much... it will do yr head in to see fluctuations & make you think about coming off plan!

Your body is making a big adjustment right now, its come from abstinence to now eating plenty & that will have an affect... especially for us girls!

Make sure you eat all of yr carbs, yr weight could be affected by not eating enough.

Are you having plenty of fat? You need the fat in yr diet to burn yr fat when yr low carbing.

How much cheese are you having, that can stall people?
Are you having anything that could contain citric acid, again that causes stalls, am I right in thinking that you have Atkins bars occasionally... again they can affect some people.

Not saying you need to cut everything out but its worth going thru everything that might be a possibility, cutting it out & then after a while introduce things back in gradually so you can see which one it is.

Are you drinking enough water too??
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Linzi has said it all really Cathy.


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Yeah great post by Linzi.

Hang in there hun and don't give up. You'll get a loss in the next week or so. I'm sure.

xx Cathy xx

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S: 16st12lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 3st12lb(22.88%)
Thanks for posts peeps, especially this early lol

Think it may be my water running amok as I'm drinking plenty it just doesn't seem so be exiting so much

I'm going to try a few days without the bars (yes I do use them when I've got not much else in or if I'm out and about). I'm trying to add more meat to my diet as I seem to be living off eggs and salad so don't think I am getting as much fat as I should.

Also going to cut down on the cheese and cream for a few days (not cut out entirely just not have a lot) and see what happens.

I know I'm terrible with the weighing I think its cos on LT I'm used to seeing daily changes but in a good way!

Will be posting my meals on my journey thread as well as the main one so please vet it without mercy.

Thanks for help guys xx


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C: 11st3.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27
Just a thought, I think eggs can stall people too. But only if you're eating a huge amount each day...


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Cheer up Cathy, it will happen hun. Linz is right, your body is making one hell of an adjustment at the moment. I satyed the same on my first week of Atkins when most people were losing between 5 and 12lbs - I fety like I was doing it all wrong, but then I lost the second week and though it's coming off slowly for me, it's still going the right way. Let your body adjust and I'm sure you'll be fine hun x x :)


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Cathy if water is too boring for you try adding a tiny amount of juice. I sometimes add sainsburys basics range, orange squash. It only has a trace of carbs per made up 100ml. It took me forever in the drinks aisle to find a low carb one. It does contain citric though so unless you know if that stalls you or not you might want to stick with the water. I have it on days i really cant face anymore water.

xx Cathy xx

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S: 16st12lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 3st12lb(22.88%)
Hi guys its been a very long day today so only just got chance to go on here,... spent most of evening in the vets with my rabbit thats had a fly strike (maggots on her rear end - sorry tmi) so was at vets an hour while they knocked her out, shaved and bathed her and sorted her out. Shes all better now though so thats good.

Anyways just want to say thanks for advice this morning, think I was being a little melodramatic (not a morning person) and I am way too impatient for my own good!!! Todays menu, I've focused on having a bit more fat in my foods, eaten my carbs and drunk 4 litres already. How does this sound?:

B - Oopsie roll with smidgen of reduced sugar and salt ketchup
S - Handful of pork scratchings
L - 2 sliced roast ham (from market shop), 3 small kabanos sausages 0 carbs, 3 sticks celery, plenty of salad leaves and some mayo
S - Mushrooms cooked in butter with garlic
D - (late as only got in at 9pm) called at kebab shop and have had some doner meat and chicken (grilled breast not on a turn) and some garlic mayo.

W - 4 litres
E - not had time yet but may go on cross trainer in little while


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Cathy, how did you switch from LT to atkins? did you do the refeed, and then start or just switch straight onto it? (im on LT at the mo, and want to switch to atkins or low carb in a couple of weeks you see. im going to do the refeed and start this as a new diet - curious how youve transferred)


xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
S: 16st12lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 3st12lb(22.88%)
Hiya hun

I sort of did both, I wasn't going to switch til mid June but was poorly so came over early. I had 2 shakes and one meal first day - Tuna mayo with lettuce and cucumber, 2nd day I had 1 shake and roughly two meals but in small amounts through day as felt rough and 3rd day I did 3 atkins meals but just stuck to small amounts as your stomach will have shrunk and you won't be able to eat much at first. I started with things that weren't as heavy like eggs and salads and now I'm starting to have more proper meat. I'm staying the same at the moment (that 2lb gain from weigh in has been water) but I'm only just starting 2nd week so I'm hoping to start losing soon as my body adjusts. I'm still in ketosis so hunger hasn't been a big issue and I'm not feeling rubbish and carb deprived as I'd broken that habit through LT.

Remember to keep your water intake up (I aim for 4 litres a day still and have tea/coffee as extra). Another thing you will find is your energy levels will increase. I found it hard to do much excercise on LT as I was tired alot but I can do alot more now in one go.

Keep in touch hun and let us all know how you get on!

p.s. love it how all the vcld-ers are coming across to the light side lol x


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thanks for the advice -- I too did CD a few years back -- and it took me awhile to come back to atkins -- can't believe my 4th is almost done!

I also sometimes feel the stall...why should only 1 or 2 lbs come off each week if you're still on induction?

BTW, wanted to let you know, donor meat from the chip shop is sometimes ade with fillers (carbed things) -- so beware! Same with hotdogs and lunch meat...I rememebr on CD, I would sneak salami...and when I had a bit too much, it would throw me out of ketosis!
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
this was posted while i was away last week. i am so glad i have stuck with atkins. cant afford to lose my energy with running about after my 2 little'uns!
i reach stages when i dont lose weight. weight also goes up and down depending on your totm!
stick with it and i hope you see a loss soon x


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S: 335lb C: 333lb G: 175lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 2lb(0.6%)
oh thanks for the words of encouragement FFF!

it is TOTM now for me -- and I saw a 3 kg increase! afetr K got over my initial mortified shock...I said to myself -- you're ok, all you minimins pals have said its the way it goes...

forward and downwards...I love atkins!
I switched from CD to Atkins and it was a while before I registered any losses. I expected this. Be patient, give your body time to adjust, and in the meantime, put the scales away!

You will only get discouraged if you keep on weighing. It's not worth it and in any case the results are not always reliable with regard to losses/gains/stalls because of varying fluid balance.

Atkins is different! lol.

Good luck hun xx

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