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Where am I going wrong?!


I've been going to SW for almost a year, I lost 1 stone 9 in the first six months, but then I've been messing around with a pound here and a pound there - on as well as off. I admit that I did lose my way a bit, but for the last two weeks I've been quite good but not losing weight. I'm hoping that if I post my diaries on here someone can point out the errors of my ways:cool:

So here's today's offering

4 x laughing cow light triangles (H Extra A)
7 x Ryvita crackerbread (H Extra B)

3 x satsuma
Pot noodle cup snack (free)

Bacon, lentil and tomato soup ( home made - free)

Chicken, red onions, white onions, mushrooms, rice, chicken fajita mix (1/2) 3 syns

2 x satsuma
Skinny cow lolly 3.5 syns

I know, I know, it's a lot, but I have a huge appetite!

All comments welcome :wave_cry:
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no advise to offer but just wanted you to know your not alone! I did really well the 1st month & have been up & down like a yoyo by a 1lb or 2 ever since. Now i have to admit ive been having a naughty day once a week. In my defence though i thought it would be ok cause before i got pregnant i used to be able to have a takeaway & go to the gym 3 times a week & still lose 2lbs. Not the case since having my baby girl in Feb though :eek:(

Oh & by the way that doesnt look like loads of food to me haha!
doesn't look like enough superfree with meals and try other fruits - eat a rainbow :) don't forget to drink plenty of fluids
Thanks for the responses!

I do drink lots of water, maybe around 1.5 litres a day. And honestly, I do eat other fruit - it's just that I'm due a supermarket trip and satsumas is what's left!

I did think that about superfree, but the soup is from the EE cookbook, and apart from the lentils and bacon, everything else is superfree so I imagined that would constitute a good EE meal, and the mushrooms and onions were far in excess of a third of the plate for my dinner so...might go back to red and green days you know, when I did that years ago the weight loss seemed much quicker! x

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