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Where can i get a whisk??

Hi all

just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction..... I have a great plug in blender at home for soups and shakes, however, when i go to work i use either a fork or spoon and just end up with lumps :sigh::sigh::sigh:

can anyone suggest a cheap hand whisk/battery blender etc... that will do just as a fantastic job - but isnt too noisy (as i dont want to attract too much attention in my work canteen hehehe)

many thanks

Anni -x-
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I know what you mean, like the coffee frothers?

My mum used one when she did ll but it wasn't that clever tbh. They're not as powerful.

What about one of the shakers? Some people find they do an ok job.


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Hiya BabyC, I use a kitchen hand blender I got ages ago for £10, the kind of thing you use to whizz soup etc. But recently I had to work away from home and didn't want to lug it round in the case. I got a mini battery whisk from a shop that sells proper coffee and tea. I asked for a 'mini whisk that you use to froth up capuccinos'. It cost a fiver and isn't very noisy, and I'm sure I saw someone post that you can get them in asda and boots! Good luck!


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I have one of the shaker things that you can get from your CDC and its ok for mixing a shake out and about :)
great! thanks guys... i did see a shaker on ebay with a ball inside that breaks up lumps.....just wondered if it would work for hot porridge though...

oooh noooo for your porridge you put it in a bowl, stir it up and fling it in the microwave. I use a shaker for my shakes, and stir like billy-o if i have a soup



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You can only do cold shakes in them :( for porridge you mix with water and microwave for 1min and the soups/mousse I do with a hand held blender :)
Have you tried the Tetra's they are much nicer than having to make a shake without as blender, brilliant for work / when your out and about. The porridge tastes much much nicer blended too.
Hi Tracey..... Yep, have the tetras also. But i can only order 7 in a week to keep within my money limit ( i get charged more if i order above this amount)

Found a cool thing called a Blender bottle.... fingers crossed it does the trick :)

hi, i just used tetras for when I was at work, far more discreet and I just kept them in the fridge in a carrier bag. If i was working but not in the office, I would freeze it the night before and by the time lunchtime arrived, it would have defrosted and still be cold

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