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Where do I even begin

Hi everyone,

I don't know where to begin. Today is my last day of being fat. My mother, brother and sister (dad died when I was little) are all skinny. They eat whatever they want, but they never gain any weight. They also all smoke--mom is quitting right now, so I don't know what will happen with her weight. They also all drink--mom heavily, sister and brother somewhat moderately. I have never touched a cigarette and I very rarely drink alcohol. I'm telling you all of this, because I want you to understand that I believe those behaviors are keeping them thin.

I'm sure every person in denial says these words, but, I really don't eat a lot. A typical day for me is no breakfast, a sandwich, chips and diet soda for lunch and either fast food--chicken sandwich, fries, diet soda--or a home-cooked meal for dinner. If I cook, it's usually meat, side dish and veggies. It could be roast beef, instant potatoes, gravy and boiled mixed veggies; or chicken Chinese food made with WangChi Ferry boxed dinner, crab rangoon and white rice; Pork chops cooked in butter and olive oil, garlic noodles and broccoli. I love to cook; but I don't always have the budget or the time. Sometimes, I have dessert, but not every night. My family (3 teens & hubby) has a "candy dish" in the kitchen. I filled it two days ago with Reeses Pieces. It is still almost full and I haven't had even one. My hubby got me a box of 9 chocolates and flowers for Valentines. I just ate the last one yesterday.

So, the point is that I'm not an emotional eater. In fact, I'm not really depressed or down-hearted. I'm just sick of being fat...and I'm sick of some people telling me I'm not. I know they're trying to help, but I also see what I look like.

I'm 5'7" and I think I'm about 210 lbs. I got rid of my scale years ago, and I'm buying a new one tomorrow. I would like to weigh 130. Also, I don't know if it matters, but I'm about to turn the big Four-Oh. Yep, 40. I would really like to feel better and look better. So, there ya go. Sorry it's a book!
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Well as someone who smoked for 16 years, I can categorically confirm, smoking doesnt keep you thin :D. Also alchol is empty calories, imagine eating your normal food intake and then doubling it my have a few drinks, you get fatter twice as fast not thinner.

I think the first thing you need to do is keep a food diary and work out the calories your consuming, with a goal to cutting out the junk food (the fast food).

I'm from the uk so our calorie values on foods may be different slightly as food is made differently but, I would imagine that means my estimates are under not over. If i look at a typicaly day for you.

1 store bought sandwhich, probably has 500 to 700 calories, chips probably 200 to 300 so thats 700 to 1000 calories for lunch, even if homemade and your adding butter and mayo you'll be hitting this number if not higher.

Sounds like a mcdonalds for dinner, well chicken sandwhich plus medium fries is about 800 in the uk, i imagine your fries are about twice the size of ours, so I would guess minimum 1000 for you.

So those 2 meals are around 1700 to 2000 calories, excluding any snacks. A biscuit 100 cals, a banana 100 cals a boiled egg 70 cals, on your current diet all these things would be adding to the pounds, even though it doesnt seem like much.

When you homecook I'm sure the calories are a little lighter but, maybe not by that much given your cooking with butter & oils ect.

You may not be consuming that much in terms of food, but I bet your calorie intake is pretty high.


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You might not eat a lot but I think that what you're eating, like Yesterday said, is very high in calories. You'd probably be surprised to find out just how many calories you're eating. The lack of breakfast won't be helping your metabolism either. You didn't mention exercise so I can't comment on that.

My advice would be to cut out all the stuff that you're buying ready made, it'll be full of calories, fat and sodium that'll be doing you no good at all. Home made is generally far healthier and better for your waistline!

My mum both smokes and drinks and I can safely say, like Yesterday, that it doesn't keep people thin.
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yeah once i turned 19 and started drinking my face off i put about 50 lbs on from 19-21.
the food choices youre making arent great.. i think youll deff loose the weight if you can change your eating habits and do some excersize..
i have tons of friends who are skinny skinny and eat eat eat and eat junk all the time, but i cant look at them and wish i had that because it just gets me down
i am me and i need to loose weight!


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I would recommend the book "why we get fat" by gary taubes (or you can find him on youtube). It may be what you are eating rather than amount/calories.

I know how it feels to make that decision that it is time for change - go for it!

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