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where do i start? Littlemrs diary

S: 11st0lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st13lb(8.44%)
Today is day 1 of week 4 and ive decided to start a diary. Not really sure why, probably just to rant on and stop things swirling around in my head as i tend to spend a lot of time discussing things with myself :)

Heres a little bit of background on me. I Joined LL hoping to lose around 35Ib. Although ive always pretty much had an 'overweight' BMI since i reached adulthood as im only just over 5foot i was always only slightly overweight and have pretty much maintained the same weight for the past 10 years.

that was until i had my 2nd daughter 16 months ago, since then my BMI has been around 30 and wouldnt budge. I have tired every diet under the sun this past year and not got anywhere, so i thought enough was enough and joined LL.

At first i decided to do Total and done this for the first week and lost 7Ib, as much as i loved this loss i felt really miserable doing it and felt it was too extreme given the total amount i wanted to lose.

So i spoke to my LLC and changed to Lite. i done light during weeks 2 & 3 and lost 4Ib and 2Ib (TOTM).

This week however i have decided to have another total week, or 2 if i can manage. as my daughters have been invited to a pool party at the end of the month and as they are both so young (3&1) both myself and my husband will need to get in the water. so id love to get as much weight off as i can by then.

ive set myself a few mini goals which really help me. at the moment im 10.1st and my first goal has been to get in the 9's. then i want to get back to my wedding weight which was 9.2. i think they are very reasonable and achievable. ideally id like to finish LL around 8.7 which gives me a BMI of 23.

I feel that i am strong enough to switch between the 2 plans and think that is going to work well for me. I find the counselling sessions really helpful and motivating and can relate to some stuff although they have made me realise that i dont suffer with the usual food issues like most in my group. i have the ability to maintain as like i said ive always been around the same weight except for when i lost weight for my wedding 2 years ago, but then got pregnant straight afterwards.

I dont overeat or binge, although i do tend to eat when im bored but not to the extent where id consider it a problem.

Im confident enough to say that i know once i do shift this weight ill be able to maintain it.

So ive lost 13Ib already and i can really feel it and people are already noticing. i finally fit nicely into my size 12 work trousers (which i have always worn despite them not fitting as i refused to buy the next size up - silly i know, i used to leave the buttons open with baggy tops and be left with red marks on my belly). so now after wearing them all this time they actually fit.

Im hoping to have lost another 7Ib by the pool party which is 2.5 weeks away.

sorry about the lenght of this, the additional entries wont be as long i assure you haha x

Oh P.S - my stats are slighty wrong as im actually 5ft and half an inch not 5.1. and that half an inch does make a difference on your BMI. as of last nights WI my BMI is currently 27.2 and i started at 29.6. (the system wouldnt let me enter 5ft 0.5in)
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Hi! I'll be interested to see what your losses are like, switching between total and lite. It's a good idea if you have lots of eating type social occasions because it stops you lapsing then not being able to get back again. Have you managed to stay in ketosis throughout both? And is your LLC supportive of this? Take care anyway.

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S: 11st0lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st13lb(8.44%)
The main reason I switched to lite was cos I only like a few of the shakes and the 2 of the bars and couldn't see myself lasting on 3 shakes a day. I would have become extremely board.

I've managed to stay in ketosis as I've been extra cautious when it comes to the meals I've been having. Eg weighed out chicken, tuna, etc with veg and salad. Or 2 egg omelette with mushrooms. Things like that. I've also been having very small portions just to be sure.

My LLC said she's happy for me to do lite and have a week doing total now and again as I have has my form signed by the docs so no reason why not. She suggested I should do lite as i really don't need to be so brutal given my BMI is 27.

It's working for me as I'm not doing this diet to face up to my food demons or underlying issues with food, Just to shift this baby weight reasonably quickly.

My plan in brief is to do lite primarily but have a 'total week' now and again to boost my loss.

I'll keep you posted anyway.

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