Where Do I Start!? :(


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I've had a look on this site before, and have tried god knows how many different diets over the past 5-6 years (even though I'm only 19!) But i've never been able to stick to anything properly, and even though I do lose weight. I end up giving up and putting it all back on again, plus a little bit more!

I'm lucky in the sense that I'm over 6ft tall, which means that my 'healthy' weight isn't as out of reach as it could be, but I still have a really long way to go! I currently weigh 20st 2.5lbs (282.5lbs) :( and I just made a quick calculation and I should lose around 6st 4lbs (88lbs) to be healthy.

I've tried Weightwatchers twice, Slimming World about 4 times (with meetings and without) The Harcombe Diet, Exante and Slim Fast and I just can't stick to anything!
I lost quite a bit all the times that I did Slimming World and Weightwatchers, but I can't afford to go to the meetings at the moment so they aren't an option; and Exante gave me horrendous headaches so I gave up after 3 days.

I think I am going to try calorie counting, perhaps then I will shock myself with the amount that I'm packing away every day! I've downloaded MyFitnessPal, so hopefully that will help me!

I don't know about anyone else, but I've never known what it's like to be slim, and I spend hours imagining all the clothes I could wear and all the confidence I would have if I managed to lose weight and keep it off!

Sorry for the essay! If anyone has any words of encouragement, they will be greatly accepted! And good luck to everyone out there!
Thanks :)
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Hello and welcome aboard, I think you are going about it the right way with the cal counting but don't let them cals be all from chocolate!!! :D

I'm sure there are going to be hard days but we just have to try to stay strong and not give up if things go pair shaped one time and go on a binge.

I'm with you in never knowing what it feels like to be slim, but i do know one day I will find out.

Good luck on your journey :)


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Thankyou! I'll try to eat healthier food and do some exercise too :)

Thanks for your support!


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Hiya scarlett, I started at roughly the same weight as you are, and i'm now in the 18s, so it CAN be done. Just concentrate on getting out of those 20s.. i was really happy when my weight started with a 1 rather than a 2 lol.


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I can't wait! I'm feeling positive and motivated today, so hopefully that will carry on :)

Thankyou! And well done you!


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good luck on your weight loss journey hun xx


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Hi Scarlett, welcome to the forums and best of luck with your weight loss journey.

Just take it one day at a time and I find it helps to set little targets along the way as well as little (non-food related!!) rewards when targets have been met. My nail varnish collection is growing before my eyes!!!

Myfitnesspal is fantastic, in my opinion!!

Keep us all posted, we are a nice bunch (I am anyway!!!)

Laura x


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Hi and welcome.

I gave been in exactly the same position as you. Over 20 stone, feeling like life is just slipping by me, wishing I wasn't so big. It sucks. The important thing is you find something that works for you personally longterm. Find foods you enjoy cooking and eating. Find exercise you enjoy that doesn't feel like a chore. Its all gotta be sustainable because the weight will take time to shift. Good luck!!


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S: 21st4lb C: 21st4lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thankyou for the luck and advice! I've made small changes over the last two days. Not having crisps or chocolate/cake as a snack but having a piece of fruit instead. Whenever I get a craving for something I shouldn't really have, I just have an apple or a couple of satsumas!

I feel really good, even though it hasn't had time to take proper effect on my body, just knowing that I'm not eating crap is making me feel good lol!
I've started getting off the bus a stop early and walking more, it's only basic but it will help me until I find something more challenging! :)

Its going to be tough, and take a good while to get anywhere near my goal. But id like to think that this time it's not just a fad for me!
Fingers crossed :D


Hope it's all going well for you!
When I started my journey in May, I weighed 20st 5lbs.
Last Monday, I weighed 16st 1 1/2lbs.

It CAN be done, but it's not always easy.
I have good days and bad days, but each day is just 24 hours, and in the big picture, that's nothing.
My journey continues......x


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We can do it this time :D

ive never known whats its like to be thin either but i sure am looking forward to find out

my final goal weight is around 10 stone which means i have about 6 stone to lose but i will get there

i bought a crosstrainer because i knew i would never go to the gym so i just do it in my room and usually put on something on my laptop and watch that while im on it