Where do u get the willpower from?


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Hi guys, where do u get the willpower from? I lost 2.5 stones last year and have out on 1 stone of it back on! :( since the beginning of this month I have tried to sort my head out and get back into a plan that will help me lose this stone I gained! I just can't! I joined the gym but don't go and I try my best to eat healthy but as soon it's evening I eat anything n everything that's there! I hate myself for it and I know I can do it cus I did before but when will it happen? Please people help!

Ps be as harsh as u want I deserve it! Lol
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maybe joining weightwatchers or slimming world for a short while and going to the meetings may bring the motivation back.

what was the reasons you started trying to lose weight for in the first place?

i think most importantly forgive yourself, we all have bad times, drawn a line under it and make a fresh start.
you are still 1½ stone less than you was when you started.


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Yes remember you are 21lbs lighter than before you started, you need to celebrate that.
I'm no expert, but on these cold evenings going out to the gym is horrible.... until I'm in the gym, then I see others working hard and always feel better for going. The hardest part is getting up and getting out. Good luck


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Past is the past, let it go, only way to move on is to forgive yourself, you've put weight on but thats no behind you. Try making a list of reasons you want to lose weight. I only have one thing that motivates me but I know my mum used to have a list pinned to the fridges of reasons why she should stick to the diet. If you are desperate to lose it, then you will find the motivation somewhere to get it back off. Thats the best advice I can give. Good luck.


Forgiving yourself is so hard, lol. I feel like giving up this week because I haven't been to the gym; my brain tries to remind me though that I am on my feet all day, I still have spare points left over on ww... I just can't see any diet working, ever.
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i know what you mean - its very hard trying to get started again and i am in the same place with seemingly zero willpower and i know the minute the weather starts getting better i will be so sad i didn't try harder now when everyone is all covered up!


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I know exactly how you feel too. I lost 3 st last year, but have since put over 1 st back on. I know I can do it... I have several times in the past! But I just can't seem to get my brain back into gear at the moment. I found reading Gillian Riley's book "Eating Less" last year helped so I may try that again. I also find watching weight loss shows like Biggest Loser can be quite inspirational. If anyone has any other suggestions I'm willing to give anything a try!