Where do you carry your weight?...

Discussion in 'Lipotrim - Off Topic' started by Sakora, 12 July 2011.

  1. Sakora

    Sakora Sakora Princess Warrior

    My belly and back are where I have to loose my weight.

    Thinking of attempting sit ups soon. I am not a fan of exersise but hoping as I loose the weight I will become more motivated and enjoy doing these types of exercise..:confused:
  2. zeldas

    zeldas Well-Known Member

    As I am only 5'2'' I seem to carry the weight all over, and even more so on my boobs :(
  3. JellyBeanz

    JellyBeanz Well-Known Member

    I am the same as Zelda, all over with BIG boobs lol

    I am only 5 foot :cry::cry:
  4. zeldas

    zeldas Well-Known Member

    Jellybeanz how much do you have to lose. I need to lose 5 stone :(
  5. Sakora

    Sakora Sakora Princess Warrior

    God I hear ya on the boobs..... bras are a nightmare!
  6. Munch

    Munch Well-Known Member

    I carry it all over, from fat ankles to double chins! No big boobs tho :cry:
  7. shrinky2dinky

    shrinky2dinky Well-Known Member

    Huge boobs and a bum to keep me well balanced
  8. cinematic

    cinematic Well-Known Member

    Mostly on my tummy! I swear I look pregnant! No big boobs tho which just makes it look weirder :(
  9. candyloss

    candyloss Well-Known Member

    Wish I had big boobs, with me theyre one of first things to go when I lose weight. My bum is fattest part of me and my thighs. My tummy used to be okay but as I put on 2 stone in a very short time on top of baggage I already had, my tummy is getting it now. A regular oompa loompa at mo and I know thats a negative thing to say about myself but Im sick of kidding myself. Hopefully in a few months I might describe myself as a hot chick, I CAN DREAM ANYWAY
  10. xxfoofoolafluffxx

    xxfoofoolafluffxx Well-Known Member

    i used to have huge boobs, then lost 5 stone and they looked like tennis balls in socks! now theyre about a C - yes i was EE. i carry most of my weight round my stomach, hips and thighs. My face looks fairly skinny now so worried ill carry on losin there n not where i want to!
  11. diorsmum

    diorsmum Active Member

    Mine's all over too, but I really hate my tummy. This great big roll of fat even shows through clothing!

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