Where do you find the time?


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Hi All
Im considering SW for my new diet and I was just having a look at the 7-day trial menu on the website. It all looks very yummy with lots and lots of food - and therein lies my question!
Who on earth has the time to cook a full breakfast, let alone eat it before work in the morning?!?!?
Also, I'm not sure COULD eat a bowl of porridge AND a cooked breakfast - I'd explode!
How does everyone cope with the volume of food on this diet? I know it must be lovely to feel full all the time, but with little time in the morning and no facilities to make anything more complicated than a sarnie at work, I'm not sure I'll be physically able to follow the diet.
I've spend the past two years trying to stick to Cambridge and lost 4.5 stones and put it all back on again - food would be heaven IF I can actually eat it all! (Nice predicament to be in eh?)
How does everyone do it?
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u don't have to eat it all hun u eat as much as u want.
try preparing things at night like yogurt fruit and museli or have bowl ceral or porriage in morning. or u could get up alittle earlier if u want full breaky.
for lunch u could take salad and loads cold meat on red or pasta salad on green. if u have a kettle at work mug shots r free (not all) if u go out for dinner at work u could have lg jacket(watch what filling u have) loads ideas about i think key is loads different things each day. plan ahead and prepare meals at night.
my cons even recommend freezing sandwiches if in hurry and get out as u need them. but i see sandwiches as such a waste of hb when there so much other quick stuff.
good luck hun it may take alittle while to get used to but u will


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The menu you've looked at is only a sample menu. I think it's probably to show you just how much you can eat if you choose to.

I never ate breakfast before starting SW. But my dr said "you wouldn't expect to start a car with no fuel, so how can you expect to start your body without fuel?" Hmmm, he was right. I tend to have yogurt and fruit for breakfast or cereal and cope with that fine.

I sometimes have a full breakfast for lunch or dinner, or even a full mixed grill.. mmmmmm.

You eat what you can manage and stop when you're full. Give it a go :D


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Thank you both for such positive replies.

OK - that statement "you eat as much as you want" will take some getting used to!!! After 18 months of the Cambridge mentality, I'll have to try and my head around that concept!!!

Then again, too much food to eat - a nice problem to have huh?

Thanks for the advice. I just need to pluck up the courage to go to the class now!


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Strike whilst the iron is hot hun, go on to the SW website and find your nearest class, then go, go, go!

You'll love it I'm sure. I often have beans on toast for breakfast as it only take about 3 minutes to prepare and fills me up more than cereal.

Let us know how you get on x


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Go to class!!!! I walked into my Slimming World class 6 weeks ago on my own and i have made 2 very good friends, we ahve exchanged mobile numbers in case one of us is finding it tough in the week and we can text positive texts to boost us! Really go....i have lost 11lb in 6 weeks and am really enjoying the journey..

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=0)


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Once you start and realise that you will make many friends... and we are all here for one another when things get tough and when you want to shout something great from the roof tops :8855:

I go alone at home and have had no problem at all... lost 2 stone 4 in approx 10 weeks... so just goes to show it can be done!!!

Good luck an welcome!


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i think this plan with all it's free food can seem a bit daunting but as said above the best thing to do is go to a class for the initial explanantion - you can leave after that if you want. then you can eat as much or little as is right for you. it may be slower but it is soooooo much more enjoyable than CD. find a class asap while you feel motivated - in the meantime buy the magazine as that should keep your interest up. just shout if you need any help! good luck.


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i know what you mean about the menus, i personally couldnt stick to one with the preparation for a lot, sw is like any diet, you can spend hours cooking and preparing or you can do the lazy option like me, i usually have something like cereal or beans on toast or fruit for breakfast (unless im off work) and a jacket potato for lunch and pasta or something similar for tea. if yu font have the time you can still do sw, i dont know anyone who has a lifestyle it wouldnt fit into at all


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I use the sample menus as inspiration for meals. Keep in plenty of low syn and syn free food for when you dont have time to cook. Weds are busy for me, as I'm driving the kids to their activities so I just had 2 quorn black pepper fillets with mushroom and wine pasta n sauce. All done in 10 mins.

Mrs V

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I have a 3 year old, plus myself to get ready to leave the house by 8am weekdays. I get up at 6.50, prepare my lunch...usually a salad with some meat/fish on a red day, or left over meat bolognase with veg from the night before. On a green day, I either cook a small cheese and potato pie and baked beans the night before, a noodle mug shot or Pasta n Sauce if a Green Day. If I can do, it, then anyone can, you just have to motivate yourself.
I cant force breakfast in first thing in the morning and due to having a gastric band, the band is tighter then. Around 10am at work, I have a Mullerlite, banana, pear, grapes, satsuma, strawberries (well you get the picture!) and this keeps me going until lunch time - around 1.30ish.



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Honestly, it's a peice of p*ss to follow!