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Where do you stand on...

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giving everyone Slimming World info?

I'm actually wondering whether I should bother paying my £5 a week to SW because apart from the lifeline on line password any info people ask for relating to SW (i.e syn values etc) seems to be answered.

Where do you stand on this one?
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S: 10st0.5lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 0st0.5lb(0.36%)
I agree with you Allie, we're all in it for the same thing. I think this site is very informative and a great support network. I'm not trying to come from the wrong angle with this post I just wanted to see what the general opinion was. Afterall I am shelling out £240 per year for the privilage or so I thought. xx


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I think that although there is information out there, it's a different kind of support from actually going to class. Yes I could have done it on my own, but for one, it gets me out of the house, and I have the incentive to keep losing because of going to WI, but I'm also making new real life friends from it. I gladly pay my 4.50 a week to have that support regardless of the other info.
S: 10st0.5lb C: 10st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 0st0.5lb(0.36%)
I agree with you Helen, class does help me stay on track. I think if I tried to WI at home then I would crash and burn big time.


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I did the Slimming World programme at home for about 3 or 4 weeks before I joined a group so I've experienced both but deffinately now feel that gowing to group is essential. I had access to the SW website during that time thanks to a friend who was attending a group but it was n't enough for me, I needed that extra support that you get from Group. Group for me is a social thing aswell as a weight loss group. I met some lovely ladies at my group and look forward to have a natter with them each week, not just about SW things but just as a good old chin wag with the ladies.

I've only put on once since I started the programme but it totally messed me up and I dont think I'd have been able to carry on so easily if I did n't have to go to group and face those scales the next week.

I am happy to share my knowledge with others, maybe they don't have the finances to pay for a group or can't get to a group cause of kids or something. I've got one friend who is following the plan but lives in Saudi Arabia and I'm more than happy to share things with her as she is not able to get any information from groups etc.

At the end of the day we are all looking to achieve the same goal and if there are people less fortunate than myself who are in the same situation then I'm not able to tell myself dont help them even if I am paying £££ each week.


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Oh boy do I need group support!! My historical gain in my sig is a clear indication of how much I need the gals at group. The last time I did SW I wasn't working so I had lots of time to design delicious meals and totally focus on my food and diet. But now that I'm working and things are a lot more hectic, I'm more prone to feeling fed up and that's when the chocolate, bread and cheese come out. Knowing I have class at the end of the week keeps me on track and I also get a lot ideas of tasty meals on the go and how to eat when out of town/country etc. For me having my SW group support is absolutely essential to my success.

Totally depends on the person, if you're naturally focused and disciplined like Allie is then there's no need to bother with class as you DO get a lot of support here. You may not get SW passwords but you will get answers for any syn queries.


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I know that if I dont go to group each week and KNOW im getting weighed there I would slip up!
I also love group and wouldnt want to miss out on that and I feel that a fiver a week is really reasonable!
Happy to help people on here as much as possible though x
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For me going to a group isnt really an option, i honsetly am not good in those kind of situations on my own and dont think i would be comfortable. Also i cant really afford it as i am trying to save to move out of home, i couldnt afford books from ebay so for my first 2 weeks it was just help from here and a lovely lady from freecycle who sent me some information. After that i managed to find the Food optimising book (20p!) and a syn directory(£1) at the carboot. So lucky, i was so excited i cant even tell you! ha!
Personally i think if you like class/can afford it and it helps you then thats brilliant, but some of us cant/wont go but still want to achieve the same thing as everyone else on here,
For me, even if sometimes its a pain to help someone with a vaule ect, i still will if i can because there have been and will be times when i need that help from them and this is the only place to turn for advice from experianced people.
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i like going to group, i have made a few friends there and find my consultant to be really motivating and upbeat. It is really motivating for me to get out the house as well and have some me time away from my daughter as otherwise i'm a mom all the time.

It's really satisfying when i lose, i haven't had a gain yet but i am sure it will just push me to try harder if i do. I don't mind giving other information if they can't get to group. We were stuck here in Cyprus with no group and it only just arrived a couple of months ago and if it wasn't for friends on another forum i wouldn't have known how to do the plan.


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I can't afford to pay for the groups each week so I'm doing it on my own with the diet I printed off a dodgy site on the internet. I really appreciate and value all the help and support on this site and even though I've only been doing this for a week, I've already lost more than I ever expected to on the first week. If it wasn't for this site and all the lovely people her I would have given up already. I really appreciate the time people take to answer the syn's questions because there are loads on here which aren't in the stuff I printed off the internet. I'm hoping that one day I will be able to afford to pay for the groups but until then I'm afraid that I'll be scabbing all the information I can get from you wonderful people :)
I think it depends on the info being asked for... Ive seen people joining Minis and posting here or in WW constant threads about how do I do this? How many points/syns in that? Theyre just taking the p*** and trying to get the programmes for free. I think thats different to members asking for Syns/Points etc for things they arent familiar with or new items, as an aid to their SW/WW diet not as a way to save buying books/joining classes.

One person joined here and openly said on WW she had no intention of 'wasting money' on books and then started about 10 threads looking for info.... total chancer.

Definitely a fine line between helping people who arent going to classes and being taken advantage of


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Hi All,

I am new to the site, joined today. I have been an SW member for 7 weeks. I pay upfront for 12 wk sessions and have full online access and also bought all recipe books and syns books. My reason for this is because I love to cook and found adapting recipes hard. I have spent a fortune, however I am more than happy to answer the odd question if i can. Even though I have access to all this info, I still have questions. As a newby i feel i can get support and advice from more experienced SW member on this forum. Yes I pay, but exchanging advice is what its all about. If its the odd question and its no effort to answer then I will. However I would not post the entire SW info on here. It does not bother me that some people pay and others don't. It will only bother me if SW enforce SW members to pay for online suport which is currently included in membership/class fee. I have seen on other threads if constant breaches of info keep happening on forums then they may consider charging SW members for the privilege to stop SW members giving the info away for free.

I will help if i can and hopefully people will help me.


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i would hope everyone on here just wants to see eachother do well on their journey and no one should miss out just because they cannot afford to go to the classes.

SW would be shooting themselves in the foot to do something like charging for online stuff as surely those who do not go to the classes still advertise the diet by word of mouth.


I will achieve 10 stone!!
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Hi Karen,

I agree, I pay because I need togo to group. I get nervous every Monday before my weigh in. If i did not have my weigh in I doubt I would lose. I am not motivational for doing personal tasks, however give me a work task and i will aim for this and succeed. I am just crap at doing things for myself. I like my group and find their support valuable. I don't mind helping others as long as i get help in return. x
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lol..i totally agree. i need the fear of the weekly WI to keep me on track! I don't begrudge anyone who can do it on their own though and am happy to help them if i can. i'd like to think you lovelies would help me if i couldn't get to a class for whateve reason x
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I have previously lost weight at SW, 1st class I tried was woeful, I then went to a daytime class that was well run & extremely motivational, however, I can no longer attend this one due to work committments, I tried another evening class & found it dull.... hence the decision to come back on here and join curves for £34 a month.... I feel the money would be better spent on my workout and I also get weighed & measured.... I still have all my SW books/directories/cookbooks, hopefully it will be a good combination xx
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I have joined countless sw classes, ww classes etc only having to leave again because of my husband going away with work and me not having anyone to have the kids. So in the end i joined bodyoptimise online even though i knew the diet beforehand and still had the books, i need the e mails to tell me to weigh and the online diary and the journals i find are a great motivation. I love filling my journal in and do it over breakfast every morning. I was gutted that once i joined though that there was no forums so you can imagine when i came across here i was jumping for joy. Got the best of both worlds now and like the others said if i can be a help to others then i will do my best to help x

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