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Where has the weight loss gone?


I've been on lipotrim for 4 weeks now and lost 1.5 stones which is amazing, but I can't see any difference. I don't feel any different and I'm in the same "big" clothes. I had a cesearean section 4.5 months ago, could this be why I still feel so huge. I'm trying ever so hard, but whilst its great to be told you've lost X amount a week.. until you see it translate back into looking, feeling or wearing something smaller its hard to visualise.

Its especially hard, because over the next 3 weeks, every week end I've got a function to go to, two engagements and one wedding and whilst I am resigned to the fact that I will just have a glass of water in my hand whilst milling at the engagements, i'm dreading the sit down dinner at the wedding. Yes, I could refeed and have the protein and veg, but I know that I'm going to do that anyway for when I go on holiday in 7 weeks, so it doesn't make any sense to do it then, to LT for another 3 weeks and then refeed again.

Either way, thats where I'm at.. anyone else had the same experience, and how did you overcome it? I'd appreciate another perspective on things, unfortunately its my own fault, I'm quite a negative person and this isn't doing any good, becaue I am absolutely obsessing about food, lack of and lack of weight loss. I'll be going a nice shade of grey if I'm not careful!
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I find myself I would need to lose about two stone before I or others would really notice the difference.

The first week or two the weight you lose is mostly made up of glycogen, (glycogen is stored in the body with water for every pound of glycogen you have an additional four pounds of water) and after that you are a fat burning machine.

Have you measured yourself to see if you are coming down in inches anywhere?


Here we go again!
Hi Wolsy. I was a bit like this last time on LT. It wasn't until I had lost over 2 stones that it began to show.

The good thing is that the weight is coming off and you should be really proud of how well you've done up to now. 1.5 stones is a lot of weight to lose, you know that.

This diet is hard and for you to stick to it for 4 weeks now is fantastic, so many people can't stick with it. Keep going as you're doing and the difference will show very soon, it can't not!!

Now, chin up and no more negative thoughts. What's negative about losing so much weight in 4 weeks? You are doing briliantly and you must be a very strong person to be able to stick this so long, good on you.


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hey hun i agree with the others, ive only just noticed a difference in my clothes and ive lost over 2 stone but only my mum has said she can see it but friends and work folk havent said anything, only well done when i say how much ive lost. :rolleyes:

now you have done really well hun and the will power to get this far on such a tough diet shows how strong you are. :D

im going to share something with you that my mum said to me this week when i was getting frustrated with the diet myself and it really helped put it into perspective for me.

imagine your dream house and how fab it looks and you can see how you would have your furniture etc and everyone is soo jealous. got that picture. now go back 6 months when all it is, is a piece of land thats full of equipment, digging holes so that the foundations can be laid, then it rains and its muddy and it looks horrible. got that visual. but without that stage the dream house cannot be built. everything has got to start somewhere. :)

the point of my little essay is that losing a few stone doesnt make much of a difference to other people visually and makes you think why bother but it is the start of your foundation to build on and become your dream weight. :D

i hope this helps hun and good luck!! :)



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I can back that up, I built my own house - which I love now but it did look like a right hole during build - good analagy


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You probably have shrunk but your head needs to catch up with the inch loss.....have you done your before measurements.....???

Good luck and be strong


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Well done on 1.5 stone that's brilliant!!! I agree with the rest it probably shows up in your inches and dont worry before you know it you will be pulling up those jeans and pulling down the tops because they will be tooo big!!! Just be a little more patient :X
I was like that too, but suddenly this week, EVERYONE has started to notice and comment. I've just hit the 2 stone mark. It will come and when it does, it's fantastic and such a morale booster, just stick with it and all of a sudden people will start to comment. You will have to be strong during the do's you are going to, just remind yourself it will all be worth it and do your darndest to stick with it. It will be harder if you crack now!
Thanks so much guys.. you've really helped clear my head. I suppose I have the "fat glasses" on and whilst my husband keeps telling me my face is looking slimmer and i'm looking great.. in my mirror in my head it doesn't seem any different. I'm just going to continue till a week before my holiday which is another 6 weeks and hopefully I'll be down to 13stone ish...

Really appreciate your help!
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in my mirror in my head it doesn't seem any different.
Hey wolsy,
I can completely understand. Everyone keeps telling me my face is so much slimmer too and they can already tell, although I can't. I'm sure it will be just a little while longer before you can completely change clothes! I just bet when I lose more weight I'll go mad for different outfits!
What I did in my first week was take pictures of me in a couple of dresses and in three more weeks, after a month, I'm going to take the same photos in the same dress so I can really see the difference. And keep on doing so to keep me motivated! Maybe if you took a picture of yourself now, and compared it to one of before, I bet you'll see a huge difference!
Well, well done for getting so far. And for keeping going!
Love, Lily xxx

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