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Where have you most and least noticed the difference in your body?

I was wondering about this last night, My tummy has shrunk the most, then my thighs and hips, but my arms are still really chunky!
With me my fattest areas have shrunk the quickest,all except my arms!

Disgusting I know, but before the diet my tummy was huge and the fat was quite hard, and as it's shrinking its feeling all soft and doughy now-the kids keep poking it!!:D

Interested to see if there's a trend of any kind with everyone else
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I will get to goal .....

Most lost from tum & hips, a bit from thighs and a bit from arms although they never get big despite how much I weigh! Of course the boobalage is suffering too :(


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Face most strikingly, although all over really.

My arms don't appear to have shrunk much but they have in inches!


I will get to goal .....
Isn't it a shame we can't decide where the weight comes off! :rolleyes:
S: 21st12lb C: 20st12lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 1st0lb(4.58%)
Isn't it a shame we can't decide where the weight comes off! :rolleyes:
Ooooh yes!

Take it from my arms, arse, legs and tum, leave my my boobs, but for pity's sake TAKE MY DOUBLE CHIN FIRST!!!!

So that in head shot photos I can pretend I'm already skinny

hehehehehehe!!! :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
I have lost a load off my face and my neck and calves (I do lots of dancing and they hae toned up nicely)! Oh and my bum is getting smaller according to Hubby!!

I would love to loose my thighs and tummy!


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My boobs......I've lost 4.5 inches off them. Lets just say its the first place my husband noticed I'd lost weight. lol.
my love handles are disappearing shame about the rest of my backside . however my mum and hubby notice the loss. stuck a pair of jeans on today size 16 and they felt tight but it down to they had just been washed, they are looser now i have worn them in this morning !!! when i started this i was badly proportioned anyway . 36" bust ... 31.5 waist and 46 hip. just had a measure and my waist is now 29 " bust is the same ( thank the lord for that !!!) and hip are now 43 " ooohh im chuffed.... glad u started this thread.....
been at the hospital today again with my 5 year old daughter and she wanted sweets once she had been seen to ... i was feeling hungry and mooching at the sarnies..so glad i resisted all temptation ... that measure has spurred me on again .
in general though i dont feel any different , and i dont think i look different ..... not yet anyway
Strangely, my waist has not changed very much, but my tummy has - used to have a fat tummy under my waist, if that makes sense? The bit of my leg just above my knees has got smaller too, though the tops of my thighs are still vile.
I've lost from the waist up, I'd like to keep my bum but lose the side hippy bits (j lo type thing) thighs I want to lose before summer so don't have to worry about the evils of the chaffe. My arms aren't too bad it's my tum and hips I hate.


Like the idea of choosing where it goes from, we'd all look like barbie hee hee
I've been lucky in that my weight has come off quite evenly - a little bit from everywhere so far! My arms are going to be the problem area though as they look out of proportion at the moment.
lost all over my legs are very big so still want more of them. Last measures taken had lost 10" off bust waist and hip 4" of upper arm. Bum looks great now but my boobs are a sorry state lol.:p

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