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I've started, and I WILL finish fabulously (that's the plan anyway) :)

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by NatM70, 19 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Well, my pack arrived this morning, yay!

    I measured myself, yikes, did not expect the measurements! -

    Neck - 13.5"
    Shoulder Circ - 39"
    Chest - 40"
    Natural Waistline - 33.5"
    Waist (belly button) - 36.5"
    Hips - 42"
    Forearms - 8.5"
    Biceps - 12"
    Thighs - 25.5"
    Calfs - 16.5" (no wonder I can't get in to any of my boots!!)

    Weight - 12st 6lbs bang on.

    I had a black coffee when I got up, then two pints of water.
    I had the Sweet Porridge at 10.15am, along with another pint of water - Surprisingly nice! Didn't think it would fill me up and sustain, but it's now 1pm, and not hungry yet!

    Wondering what to have for lunch. Going to leave it until I am REALLY hungry, as it may seem easy now, but I know it's going to start getting tough - I am under no illusion this diet is going to be a breeze!

    My aim is somewhere in the 10st area before 4th May, when my friend gets married. Hopefully, around 10st 4lbs - which would mean my BMI is then healthy (last time it was, was about 4 years ago!).

    Going to take my baby for a long walk now, I've downloaded an app to measure the distance I walk - keeping me focused!

    And am going to try SO hard to keep away from the scales, though that will be as tough as this diet me thinks ;)

    Good luck everyone! Your stories & journey's have inspired me no end, so a HUGE THANK YOU!

    Nat xxx

    EDITED - Waist Measurement was wrong!
    Last edited: 26 February 2013
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  3. beelishy

    beelishy ......gettin' it done.

    good luck!! my 7 day trial pack just arrived today but im starting tomorrow. first ever vlcd for me! i will make sure to pop in and cheer you on. it will be super hard for me to avoid the scales too. im an everyday weigher. eek!
  4. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    thank you! I'm just starting to feel hungry now! I had a chocolate shake at 2.30pm but am still starving so looking forward to dinner so I can have some veg with it, then I still have a bar for later! Had 2.5ltrs of water already, so the only thing which is bothering me is, I am miles from home and desperately need the loo!
    Good luck, please let me know how you're getting on!

    Nat xxx
  5. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Well, that's day one over and done with, and it was a lot easier than I ever anticipated!
    I know it is going to get tough tho, so I count my blessings that my first day was an easy one!

    Just measured my waist again, as my friend and I are more or less the same weight and build, she was measuring her waist at 41", so I told her that couldn't be right - she was measuring where her belly button is, so I told her to measure about an inch or two above that, where the natural waist line is, and she's 34.5", which I thought was the same as me. However, having just measured again, I seem to have lost an inch - now measuring 33.5" - there's no way I've lost an inch already, so I figure I didn't measure properly this morning (though I did do it several times!).

    I won't be counting on shakes to fill me up. I had the Chocolate one, and loved it! However, I was starving within the hour, so when I place my next order, I will be leaving the shakes out I think. Shame, because I loved it, but what's the point if it doesn't satisy my hunger?
    I have only tried the one though - I will give it a couple more days before deciding for definite.

    Can't wait until I've got my first week under my belt - I want to see the scales showing me fabulous results - I hope I'm not setting myself up for a fall, expectations and hopes being too high!

    Good luck to you all, and I hope you enjoy your journey's!

    Love, Nat xxx
  6. sillymoo112

    sillymoo112 Member

    Good luck!! The first 3/4 days are the hardest.. i got to the morning of the fourth day, and was feeling yucky, and tired, and was thinking sod this, then i got on the scales and i had lost 8lbs, then i thought i don't care how i feel, it will pass!! 2 weeks and 21lbs later... still going strong......BEST OF LUCK!! xx
    NatM70 likes this.
  7. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Thank you very much!
    I am hoping I don't feel yuck...got a 9mo baby boy, he doesn't allow me to feel ill, arrrgghh!! ;)
    But....WOW, 8lbs in 4 days, that's brilliant! Definitely a big motivator to keep going! And 1.5st in two weeks, well done you!
    I hope I can achieve something similar!
    I was naughty this morning. I can't help myself therefore I've asked my hubby to hide the scales. 1.5lbs gone - how did that happen in 24 hours???!!! Not even anywhere near ketosis yet!
    I am chuffed, but need to move those scales now else I will become a slave to them!
    Thanks again, so much!
    And I wish you the same on your journey....I'll keep watching to see your progress if you don't mind?!

    Nat xxx
  8. beelishy

    beelishy ......gettin' it done.

    Well done Nat! Im starting today. Just sipping on my first pint of water. I have a 9 month old little girl as well! She was born on the 4th of May. So i completely know what you mean about your little one not allowing you to feel yucky! Haha. I have a 3 year old as well. So between the 2 of them....

    Interesting about the shakes too. I will have to see how I get on today. Im going to start with a shake I think. Then a soup. (I wont be bothering when I place my order, they just came in the trial pack!) Then a meal. Then a bar for my munchies in the evening. LOL. Thats the plan anyway!

    have a great day today! x
  9. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Well done for getting through day one. I wouldn't rule the shakes out, as once you get into ketosis, you won't be as hungry anyway! And some of the shakes are really nice, especially made into a smoothie with ice :) yumm
  10. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Sounds like you're doing really well so far. I personally find day 3 and 4 the hardest because I start to feel a little rough from ketosis but then it gets much easier again. That's what you have to remind yourself of, tomorrow will be easier than today. I agree with Jo, don't rule the shakes out just yet. They're great, so handy because they're so easy to make. They're pretty filling once your stomach has shrunk too. I often make mine into a smoothie, mousse or ice cream. Makes a nice change sometimes.
  11. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Thank you! :D

    Aww, my baby boy was born on 1st May! What a coincidence!
    Hoping you don't feel yucky, esp as you have two! I dread to think what it'll be like because it's hard work having an active 9mo old isn't it? Am hoping I bypass that phase!

    I did love the Choc shake...wondering if I should have a shake first, as I tend to get hungrier as the day goes on. Might work, will try it as I do love it!

    That was my plan yesterday - to have the bar last, but my hubby decided his dinner was more important and had his first! I was so hungry, I had to have the bar, then waited till 7pm for dinner. If it hadn't been for the veg allowance, I would have been starving, because the portions are tiny. Got to go out and stock up on more later!

    Hope you sail through, can't wait to hear from you re how you got on!! :)

  12. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Thank you!
    Aahhhh, never thought of that! I do love the Choccie one, so it would be a shame for me not to have them! Thank you, that's something I didn't even think about!
    I'll try that too with the ice - bet that'll be nice on a hot summer's day!
    How're you doing?
  13. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Hi Caz :)
    I figured that at some point this would become hard! I am hoping it's not too bad though! Think if/when that happens, I'll have a weigh-in - if I've lost a bit, it will keep me focused. Though, I'm not counting any weight loss until I've been on it a week.
    I am now keeping an open mind re the shakes, as I didn't even think about ketosis and stomach shrinking. I'll also start to play around with them to make them more interesting, thank you!
    Are you finding it easy now?
  14. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I am really, most of the time! During the week it's simple, though I do get surrounded by naughty food which drives me mad sometimes. It's the weekends with my boyfriend that are a little more difficult if we go out, you can't really eat socially on this diet. Too tempting to go off plan 'slightly' at a restaurant and then suddenly you've got a plate of carbs! I'm not hungry though and that's what I keep telling myself when I'm tempted, I'm not hungry so I don't need it and if I won't go and eat a pack rather than eat that pie, sandwich, bag of crisps etc. then I'm really not hungry enough to need to eat anything. Seems to work!
  15. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Aww that's good :)
    That's one thing I am worrying about - hubby booked a meal at an Indian restaurant on Groupon - he's booked it for next week knowing I am doing this! I have no idea what I am going to eat! I wonder if they'll just let me eat may be tandoori chicken with no sauce! :confused: - May be some spinach too as my allowance of veg for the day.
    I don't want to cancel as it's with friends, but I don't want to ruin this diet either! He knows how important this is to me, I was really surprised he booked it for next week!
    I think he wants me to stay like this, lol!!
    At present, I am doing just fine - it's going to be hard having a social life on this diet though!! :(
  16. beelishy

    beelishy ......gettin' it done.

    aww May 1st! Thats brilliant. This is a great age..but yes, theyre much more active. Thats good and sometimes not so good lol! I had a toffee shake blended with ice this morning. Lovely! going to head out to the shops in a bit to get some skimmed milk and some veg. i have no idea how much to get as Ive no clue what, say, 200g of broccoli is. But i imagine its not much. lol
  17. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    It really is difficult. To be honest, if I were you I probably wouldn't go. If you do, I'd have dry tandoori chicken starter and, well, I'm not sure what with! Indian isn't very low carb friendly lol They often add sugar etc. to sauces and marinades. If you go though don't worry too much, just enjoy it.
  18. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    It is a lovely age, but don't they grow up fast! Where's my tiny helpless baby gone! He is on the small side though, around 19.5lbs. He's doing great, but no ma, da, ba, pa, or anything like that yet! Plenty of squeaks and squeals tho! :)

    Not tried the toffee one, just had vanilla and that was lovely. Wondering how long it will keep my hunger at bay today!!

    I weighed out 200g Broccoli last night, and once cooked, put it in a normal soup bowl, and poured the spag bol mix over it (weird I know, but strangely very nice!) - it filled the bowl, and I wasn't hungry afterwards.
    I need more veg - will have to pop out in a bit to get some too!
    Let me know how your first day goes!! :D
  19. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    I'm going to see if he will put it off for a few weeks, just till I'm established and have seen a decent loss. I'm just taking it a day at a time, I don't know how long I'll manage this for - am hoping I can do it for weeks and weeks, but I've just started feeling a bit shaky! Not enough to put me off, but I just want to get past this stage, and don't really fancy going through it again!

    When I do go, I'll have dry meat with no sauce, and request spinach on it's own, steamed! I can see me being popular, not!! ;)

    I think I will asses at the end of this first week, but I do think it's too soon. Typical man - doesn't listen to me!!

  20. NatM70

    NatM70 Loves to post loads!

    Okay, I am feeling really weird!

    Quite shaky, sort of spaced out, and like if I did anything, I wouldn't have any coordination!

    Is this normal on day 2 of this VLCD?

    Am getting worried!! :( xxx
  21. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Try and add a little extra protein to your day for a little more energy if you need to. Think it's your body reacting to lack of carbs, some suffer more than others.

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