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where is everyone


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Hello :D

I've been around all day but not posted as there was no one to post too and mad as I am, I figured posting to myself was going too far even to me hehe!

Hope you have had a good day :D

Just watched Obama's Inauguration and now going to have a shower and go face the supermarket - pray/send good vibs as I go forth to conquer Tesco :p
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I am here!! Went to 'Fat Club!' last night!! It was ok!! But body fat was 40%!!! OMG!! Hope it goes down next week! How are you doing today?


Stubborn and doing it
Ooh, how did the "Fat Club" go? Was it all that you had hoped? 40% - you'll soon shift it :D Last time I had mine done I was nearly 55% :( But hey, that can be changed.


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I've been out all day doing things with elderly mother.

Loads of good Tesco vibes coming your way Caroline - can you only go in the evening? I find that the worst time - except for Sunday - it's AWFUL on a Sunday! Imho the best time is around 3, when people are on school runs. You have to time it right though or you can be there when they bring the kids with them on their way home!! (perish the thought!)

Jessica - the more the % was today - the better the results are going to read (if you see what I mean) :)
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Heys, was out most of today wandering about. M'boyfriend had mentioned to his workpal and his mother about m'intentions to try veganism and both expressed concerns about malnutrition and stuff so that got him worried. Tried looking in lots of bookshops today to find some guide about healthy eating but they only had cookery books for vegans, nothing about balanced dietyness, grr. Ordered some stuff on the web and have promised to look around to get informed about the fors and against before and during lent so can make a more informed decision and stuff. :)

Didn't buy any clothes just the first season of Carnivale on dvd for something spooky to watch of an evening hehe. Oh and a Millie's muffin I'm afraid lol just aiming for a maintain this week while I'm sorting myself out and using up foods in the house from pre-DC to save a bit of money.


Stubborn and doing it
Phew, survived Tesco and the overwhelming temptation - just put oven on for some roast sweet potato as I'm in a carb mood.

Lochan - would think you will be okay doing veganism for lent. The effects of malnutrition does not occur overnight. From what I learnt at the Vegetarian Society pulses and grains are an important factor. Quinoa will become your friend, with it being a complete protein source and loaded with calcium - let's just say you shouldn't suffer malnutrition if you eat a bowl of quinoa a day along with your veggies hehe!


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I am here - Have been up and downstairs and DS number 2 is still awake - but unwell! I could never be a vegan - it all looks so pale! and bland?? I ate a lot of quorn on SW last summer - do vegans eat that? I also couldn't be a veggie as love steak and well, all meat!
S: 27st3lb C: 25st9lb BMI: 54.6 Loss: 1st8lb(5.77%)
Nope quorn's got egg in it apparently, I checked lol I'm not gonna be eating plain veg with a heap of boiled rice and bland tofu by the by, I like flavours and I like cooking so sure I won't be bored - but each to their own s'long as noone takes the you-know-what :)


Stubborn and doing it
Marinated tofu is nice - I have two packs in the cupboard for when I get that sweet and sour urge. Been contemplating whether to make the tofu pudding I keep hearing about (with nonmarinated tofu), but not sure.
S: 27st3lb C: 25st9lb BMI: 54.6 Loss: 1st8lb(5.77%)
I got a cool book out of the library that has vegan cakes and stuff - I'm going to try out a walnut and coffee cake on my boyfriend this week lol Not too fond of curries but I do like making chillies and stuff for flavourness - also found on google about Earth Cafe in town on Turner Street? They do cheesecake mmm lol

I'm not sure about trying 'tofu scramble' instead of scrambled egg, spose with spices it might be good. I tried some vegan cheese with toast and beans for tea last night and it was pretty good - it looked like plastic cheese though but at least it melted lol.

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