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Where is everyone?


is loving CWP xx
Hi Jazzy,

It seems that they are. I am normally on quite a lot during the day (while at work, naughty me!!!) But sometimes on a weekend don't get much time.

Hope everything is going ok for you and you are enjoying your weekend x x


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It's been lovely down here this afternoon - although the morning was a bit of a rain-out :(

Have been chasing round after my toddler all day!

Hope everyone else had a good day xx


Is back in the saddle!
I wish you'd stop hogging all that sun over there Loula! Georie promised us some by the end of the day and we're still waiting!!
hi there
i've been so busy ebaying this morning, didn't have chance to get on.

have just got back from a bbq - where i expertly pushed food about my plate and pretended to drink wine, i'm so good at it now!

just had porridge - made with some milk as i'm doing my milk week 2 weeks late this week, tasted lovely and seemed to get much more.

i did have a sneaky weigh in on my wii too - seems i have put on a couple of llbs - just keep telling myself its only glycogen and will go next week when i'm off the milk.

actually have felt less dizzy since starting the milk so must be what i needed
daisy x


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Hi girls,Nice to see some activity again!!Like the new photo Becks.Is that a new hairstyle too?
Louala, It eventually was bright here too,but very very cold!
Foxtrot, DId you eventually see some sun?
Daisy, sounds like you had a busy day.Did anyone notice your expert moves? When are you due back for your official WI?Its probably just the glycogen I would imagine, although you seem quite composed about it.
weigh in is on monday - i'm fully expecting to have put on about 4lbs, but it WILL come off the week after ( - it better do ,lol!)
daisy x
been out enjoying the sunshine all day-even got a bit of a tan! Went to the pub to meet old friends this evening. All in all a good day!

First trip to the gym in six weeks tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Is back in the saddle!
Good luck Rachel!!

Well done on the disguise shoving Daisy, hope the milk week does what it needs to and you gey back on track.

Sun came up today, finally. Weigh in first so sitting here starving and dying of thirst! The things we do for a few ounces eh!! I did drop the water intake so we'll see.


is loving CWP xx
Good luck at the gym Rachel, I'll be going when my OH has watched the Grand Prix.

Glad you are seeing some sun Foxtrot. It was ok in Leeds yesterday, but hopefully nicer today.

Yeah Jazzy, I had all my hair cut off last week. Can't believe it was nearly down to my bra strap when I started lighter Life and now it's up to my chin!!! Was really wierd at first but getting used to it now.

Don't worry daisy, I know that my weight fluctuates by quite a lot during the week and I thought I had put masses on a few days before my WI in milk week. When I did get weighed I had lost 1lb. So it still has chance to go back down.

Looking forward to the sun coming out later so that I can get in the garden with the 7th Harry Potter book. Better get reading though as the 6th one is out shortly!!!

Hope everyone else has a great day x x

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