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Where you lose weight!


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When I lost weight previously, the first place I lost weight seemed to be my face, boobs and tum.
This time I don't think I lost anything on my face, and certainly nothing on my boobs.
My tum has gone down but most of my weight has been my legs and bum, which I always battled with before.
I have also not lost anything on my fingers as my rings fit just the same.
Isn't it strange where we lose weight?
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Hi malaika (love the swahili name for angel am from a swahili speaking country...lol) The first week normally seems to be the upper tum, then my boobs go, my thighs and lower tum seem to be my biggest prob, can never lose much there, hoping this time round it'll happen...


Lover of Extra Easy
Thanks zpacey!
I was born in Kenya and spoke swahili befor I spoke english, and as I am such an angel ;) and love that song I thought it was so appropriate!
Sadly, I don't remember much of swahili now as I left Kenya when I was 5.
aww, that's where am from. (malaika, nakupenda malaika....lol) I remember it well. I do tend to forget it at times, been here for nearly 16yrs!! my kids can't speak it although am trying to get books to teach them as they are very interested in learning it.


Lover of Extra Easy
zpacey, if you can do try and teach them. Now only the odd word sounds familiar for me. But perhaps if I tried I could learn again. But after so many years it's probably all gone!
I always lose from my upper tummy (bit between belly button and boobs) first, along with my face, but after that it goes evenly from all over :D
I seem to have lost from my face, upper body and arms, and although I've lost 6 inches off my waist, my tummy still looks huge. I look very much slimmer but not around my middle. I'm so pleased to be in size 12 clothes but I still can't wear very clingy tops because they show off my muffin top as my tummy squidges over the top of my trousers. I've always had a bit of a tummy so I'm probably stuck with it. I'm doing lots of exercise to tone up my muscles but there is nothing you can do to target specific areas of fat.
Ive lost mine on my face!! everybody notices...I had a double chin which is slowly going now!! Would love to lose some on my legs,as they are my worst,ive always had big legs...fingers crossed it won't be long x


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face first, then upper tummy bulge, then lower tummy bulge. Thighs are the hardest to get rid of for me
first off my stomach and face, and then eventually (thank god my boobs) but then over the months iv been at target, my body seems to have re-shuffled it's self and my boobs have gotten bigger and my legs and thighs have reduced massivly.

It goes off my stomach and hips first then my tree trunk legs. If i could suck it out of my legs and stick it in my boobs i'd be the perfect shape LOL.
On any diet i've been on before the weight usually comes off my hands, boobs and tummy first with legs and bum never shifting.

SW is the first thing I've tried that has been quite different; I've lost off my legs, bum and face. My rings aren't much looser and my tummy is still there - this could be because when I usually diet I cut out carbs, I think that makes a difference to my tummy whereas on SW I still eat pasta, rice and potatoes.

I'm hoping that because it's different that it will work and stay off - but who knows?

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