Where's the motivation coming from?


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Personally I think that New Year is a great time to start CD.. it's a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, opportunity.. it's a clear moment in time, easy to recall, to know exactly the point in life when things changed for the better..

So, we have an opportunity right now - right this minute... to find a way of making this last.. maintaining the motivation.... You and I can be the ones who are celebrating Christmas 2010, looking back at the year and being so pleased with our achievements! How can we make sure we are not the ones that fall by the way-side..

We all know that Gyms make their money by signing people up at new year, who then fall by the way side, but continue paying their subs.. but each new year there are people who join gyms who find it a new lease of life, who have found ways to have a rhythm to their days and week so that it flows easily, who have found the imagery and relaxed focus so that it feels easy, and so they feel comfortable and strong at times when others may feel overwhelmed and less strong... we all have times of feeling sad, alone, cross, tired, unmotivated... so how do we turn it round and make sure that WE stay with this.. see it through... overcome the challenges, and feel proud of ourselves?

I thought I might start a motivation list... so here goes:

-feeling like I OWN this diet, this way of life - feeling like it's mine in some way
-having my own set of systems, routines, that naturally flow with my life rather than feeling like an effort
-making a list of what I'm getting away from.. the things I've had enough of that I don't want any more
-visualising an image of what I'm heading towards
-thinking up the times when I'm at risk of tripping over, and looking for ways to support myself at those times


anyone got any more ideas for motivating ourselves through the early stages?

All the very best!

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Ooh, good post. :D

Certainly rang a few bells with me. Actually, earlier on today, I was thinking about all those other New Year's Days, and actually shed a tear for all those Days (probably more than 20 of them :eek:) that I promised myself that this year was going to be different. This year I'd shed all my excess poundage and be the girl I always wanted to be...

And I wondered how on earth I was going to make this New Year different to all those other New Years.

Because I don't think I'm any more or less determined this year than I've been all those other years. But maybe I've finally realised that my focus needs to change.

Intellectually, I've known for a while that losing the weight in itself isn't the problem - it's staying slim. But for the first time, I feel like I'm finally beginning to understand that from a, oh I don't know, a spiritual point of view? Emotional? I don't know what word to use to describe it, only that something feels different.

I want to be slim and stay slim. And I know that in order to stay slim, a lot of my habits need to change. I haven't even identified what some of those habits are yet, LOL.

But for the first time, I want to work on that bit. It'll be lovely to see the numbers on the scales go down as a side effect, but I'm going to try damn hard not to make the weight loss itself my main focus.

Not sure if anything I'm saying is making any sense to anyone else, LOL. But it's making a whole lot of sense to me right now. :)


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..makes perfect sense to me Lily - and it sound's like you have your sense of focus, and clarity about your direction..

..I can also relate to that thing about not even knowing what the habits are.. I guess that's one of the benefits of cambridge is that you aren't involved in any of the usual habits so it's easier to notice them at those funny moments when you slightly miss them, and, with a smile on your face, realise that it's another learning opportunity for the long term life changes you are finally enjoying making and allowing yourself :) how fab's that? :)

All the very best with it!



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Thanks hun :hug99:

You too!


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I think for me what worked (and still works) is not giving myself any other option. I just wasn't going to stay fat.

I give myself other diet options if the one I'm on doesn't work for me any more - and so far I've done calorie counting, south beach and CD. But NEVER the option to quit.

That's less motivation than determination I suppose! Hope things work out for you. x