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wheres the spectular slimming sunday thread...


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Going for Goal!
Of course lol :):):) Anyone can begin the daily thread! Go right ahead...he he! Hugs x x x


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oh thats good i dont really have anything to write but i like to read it.... keeps me going... hope everyones having a good day.... im off swimming later, i like to swim just thought i would share that with you. :)
Afternoon ladies.

In a bit of a bad mood today. I've finally had some sleep which should have improved my mood but then my blooming laptop has practically imploded and the good mood just isn't happening. I only bought it in February and its cr*p. My h2b bought one at the same time, both the same Dell Inspiron 1525 (except mine is pink and his is red ;)) and his is like new even though he uses it a LOT more than me. Mine is literally falling apart. It overheats, the bottom has fallen off, the screen is loose, the webcam is b*ggered and worst of all the charger port is loose so the AC adaptor keeps falling out and won't charge my battery. Arrrgggggghhh...... sorry rant over now! Just hope h2b can kick some Dell ass tomorrow and arrange a new one for me, the damn thing is only 8 months old.

On a slightly happier note, it was my 2nd WI today and I've lost another 5lbs. I'm over the blooming moon, thats 17lbs in 13days!!! :D :D


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Well done on the weight loss. shame about the computer, hope you can get it seen to tomorrow!


please try again
evening girls, hope everyones well

mixed day today, dont feel particularly great today, bad cold
another tense chat with friend, looks like im gonna have to give a deadline for him to find his own place, its been 5 months now ( he was meant to have stayed 3 days max ) he doesnt contribute anything, i have to pay everything for him, hes taking the piss now
saw my ex today for a couple hours, thats missed with my head some what
Hi all,
Just thought i'd share i'm off to have a bath!!! Before you all think this is a little wierd and i ought to wash more often, -i do shower every day- but i have been trying for a pamper bath for the best part of a week and never got round to it, so this is exciting! Never ever do 'me' things really, ought to make more effort... Hot choc, candles, Dan Brown and bubbles here i come......! Hugs Claire, hope you feel better soon.

Hope you are all having a nice evening too. xx

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