which CD plan?


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Ok I've had my fun ate and drank what I liked and am sticking at 11 stone 2 (which is quite good I think because I had expected to have put on a lot more than that).

I want to get back into the diet but I sooo obvously cannot SS anymore. Apart from the constant temptation to eat at work (I work in a sandwich shop), I can't take the lack of energy. It's just not fair on my kids to be coming home from work and going straight to sleep because I'm too knackered to stay up any longer. I know it does get better eventually but till then it's no good.

Soooo, anyone got any suggestions as to which plan I'd probably be best on?
What about 790. You will stay in ketosis, and have similar weight losses, but you'll get to eat!:cool:
I felt much better when I was doing the 790 plan. Guess you could try it an see how it works for you
If you still have your yellow Weight Care with Cambridge booklet, it has lots of recipes, etc in there and the loss should be steady and consistent. I also think Russiandoll is following CD1000, as is Isobel so you guys can swap tips :D
I've been reading my yellow booklet today, that seems an awful lot of food on the 1000 plan!!!

I could take fruit to work to eat instead of eating the sandwiches (and buy it cheap from the fruit and veg place we get stuff for the shop :) ) but would it matter if thats all I eat through the day then the rest of my allowance on a night time?

I don't mind a slower loss to be honest, I only need to lose 15lbs to get to a bmi of 25 so theres not the urgency I had at first.
I think it's just important to get into a good rhythm with your eating. If that's what works for you, then go with it. And having fruit instead of sandwiches sounds really good :)
im on the 790 and my CDC said she has alot of people on this one to loose the weight initially, and that the loss's can be as good as SSing, iv found it very effective, so if you were to do the 1000 and found it was a little slow on the loosing lbs you could always drop down to 790 to speed it up if needed.

hope this helps, good luck