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Which CD products are you loving?


2012..my year2b a size 10
Just wondering.... does anyone have any favourites?
I'm loving the choc shakes AND the maple peacan porridge. Wasn't too keen on the oriental soup :sigh: am going to try differnt flavours of shakes in the next few days but am scared to try new things..Am very picky.
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I love all the briks (frozen) choc and mint and banana shakes and choc mint, toffee and peanut bars Mmmmmmm!! Ive not tried any of the soups but have tried most of the shakes.


2012..my year2b a size 10
I just had chicken n mushroom soup, it was actually very nice!! I expected it to have chunks of mushroom which it didn't. I think i might have a hot shake tonight :) oooh the options hehe


2012..my year2b a size 10
I wasn't given the choice of any bars... do you have them as a kinda sbnack or as one of the three 'meals'?
choc mint as a hot choc - the only shake i can stomach (can't stand the soups or porridge!).. love the choc & banana tetras & most of the bars are yummy!! orange is by farrr the best, but i love the cranberry, caramel & toffee ones too.. mint choc is alright but it tastes a bit like cardboard.. dont like peanut (too salty!) or choc (too bland!) though.. Xx


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choc mint shake
original and apple and cinnamon porridge.. (not tried the pegan one...)
and the choc orange bar (not tried the mint bar yet either)

cant wait to try them :)


2012..my year2b a size 10
:eek: 3 weeks?? thats not fair lol!! They sound yummy!! Mmmmm am drooling already


2012..my year2b a size 10
The cappuccino shake, hot....Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!! Still hungry though :(
Tried everything now - These are my fav's

Soups - No.1 Chili, No.2 Leek & Pot, then Veg for some variation - Not keen on the others (can't have mushroom - alergic)

Shakes' - No.1 Butterscotch, No.2 Cappuccino, No.3 Toffee & Wallnut - I like all the shakes except Choc Orange/Mint - Not keen on Tetra's

Porridges - got to be Pecan!!!

Bars - Toffee, Peanut & Choc Orange


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mrschatterbox said:
The cappuccino shake, hot....Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!! Still hungry though :(
I can not stomach it hot... love it cold, just not hot...
I like the following...

Choc tetra made into a hot chocolate.
Strawberry & banana shakes cold blended with lots of ice.
Bars: peanut, cranberry, mint choc, toffee (cut up in small pieces and frozen)


yummy mummy in the making
Mocha they sound yum!
I've tried all the drinks and soups and I must admit I'm a block girl! There mire expensive but less time consuming for a busy mum like me and I can't wait to try the bars nxt week x
Chocolate shake for me - I have tried the chicken and mushroom soup and didn't like that one at all.
I'm loving Banana shakes, blended with ice in my smoothie maker. Vanilla with a spoonful of coffee, ice and blended is like a trip to Starbucks.

Had the mint choc chip bar the other day and that was really nice, had a peanut fudge (I think) bar yesterday and was not impressed.


2012..my year2b a size 10
Shrinker that sounds lush!! I'm not too keen on vanilla but they way you make it sounds nice..i might give it a try. When you put ice in the shakes, do they not make you hungry quicker?? I have it in my head that the thicker they are the more filling??1
I had the banana shake and was very impressed..also the strawberry, mmmmm!! Hungry much!! ;)

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