Which coke?


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I was told Coke Zero - and have decided to just have one 330ml can a week, no more than that x


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i have 1 or 2 cans of coke zero a day


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Hiya, my CDC said one can of Coke Zero per day was OK.


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Hi all, wondering why your CDC's are saying it's ok to have coke or coke zero as according to my CD book it's not allowed til you are on Step 3 (1000 cal). I think it may affect weight loss in some people not sure why though.



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It's the caffeine, it produces a weird reaction that causes insulin to be released...I'm not sure what it is called but all the diet purists (as well as athletes that are really strict) steer clear from caffeine...especially in cola and coffee for some reason...it is supposed to cause the retention of fat somehow, forgotten the terminology, but it slows weight loss...in some folks...yet in others it speeds it up?!

Here is a link:http://www.teeccino.com/weightloss.aspx


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I think some people react differently to others. I would imagine if you can get away without having coke zero then it's better because of the caffine (I assume it's still got caffine) Having said that if it's what gets you through and keeps you on track and still loosing then can't be bad in moderation.


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Cambridge use to say zero cal drinks were ok - but they have since found it can cause people to have cravings, so they no longer endorse any drinks, except water - with or without CD water flavourings.