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Which day.....


biker babe!
which day did you feel really ill on when starting or restarting CD?
Ive got Sun, Mon and tuesday booked off work as i was going to start CD on sunday and then if i feel ill at least i will be at home.
Now, im so eager to get going, i think i may start on Saturday. However, im at work and if i do feel ill there is no way i can go home.

i just dont know what to do!!!
What were your experiences?
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I felt fine on day 1. I think at that stage your body hasn't worked out what's going on yet and so the worst you feel is hungry. For me, it was day 5 - that was the only day I felt bad, but I felt REALLY bad. I think it's different for everyone, but in my experience most people feel dodgy on days 2 and 3 if they're going to feel dodgy at all.


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When i started originally i wasn't right for 2 weeks!! But now when i restart i don't have any bad days at all!! Weird!


As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm on day two and feel light-headed this afternoon, but it could well be my silly decision to cycle a couple of miles at lunchtime, even if I did take it easier than usual. I suppose it depends what you do for work, I wouldn't want to be operating heavy machinery the way I'm currently feeling!

I considered taking a few days off at the start, and figured if I got ill, I saw no reason to take it as holiday, but as a sick day. Doesn't seem unreasonable. Also thought that the temptation to pig out was less if I wasn't at home on my own!

Surprisingly I feel no compulsion to eat at all at the moment, which I suppose is good!


biker babe!
Just had a word with my CDC and she says that the first day shouldnt be too bad. ill just feel a bit hungry but no other side affects really until day 2. So ive decided saturday it is!!


Back again!
Hi Keelie

Good bit of forward planning there. I felt ok on day 1 and not too bad on day 2, it was definately 3 & 4 were the worse, and then it just got better from there on in.

All the best with your re-start


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I had the same experience as Madamdotty. First two days were very normal. Only third and fourth day were horrible for me too


biker babe!
seems like i should be ok on Sat then. thanks for sharing your experiences with me.