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Which diet are you doing?

Hi. I am curious to know which diet you are all doing. I keep chopping and changing my mind and in the meantime am still doing nothing. I have tried WW, SW, CD and since having my son I seem to have lost any willpower I ever had. I have also had major health issues as I recently had pneumonia and 2 large bloodclots on my lungs (1st time I had bloodclots was due to a c-section) so I am on warfarin for life now.

Helen x:)
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I am doing Cambridge Diet (Soul Source), but at one time or another I have tried every diet known to man. I know it isn't for everyone but I love CD - it rocks lol.

Sharon xx


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Calorie counting and I love it! its easy and trains you to control what food you put in your body for life :)


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Slimming world for me, I do eaxtra easy and love it.. I honestly dont feel like Im on a diet, just a change of eating habits and a healthier lifestyle that I can keep up through and beyond my weight loss.
Calorie counting for me. I've tried CD (hated it as I'm allergic to milk and lots of the soups have milk powder)and SW (lost weight to start with and then ate too much free food and weight loss stopped). So it's calorie counting all the way. I've got some of those body analyser scales which say I can eat 1700 cals a day without putting on weight, so if I eat 1000 a day, I know I will lose weight. And I have!


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Having tried every diet known to mankind i am now calorie counting, its easy if I'm organised and it's cheap. On days when I'm overwhelmed and can't cope with anything instead of going off track I have complan or slimfast as it helps not having to think about calories on bad days.

Good luck to everyone

I'm doing calorie counting. I've lost nearly 4 stone on it! I did lose a few lbs on Slimming World, which is also a great plan, but I started under-eating on that due to a fear that I was eating too much (I know.) :rolleyes: I was constantly hungry and my weigtloss was fairly slow. I need the control of knowing exactly what I'm eating.

So I've switched back to CC and lost almost 8lb in just over a month. It's brilliant - no food is off limits and it teaches you portion control for life.
i'm on the start of a slimming world journey, its the first time in my life i had the courage to actually go and join a class and i'm so glad i did, i've said it before but i think and hope this is my time to finally lose for life x
hi I am doing WW as I know from previous experience that it works for me!

Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x


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Low carb (2 meal replacements per day), and eating 1 low carb meal
SW for me. Need to keep a better grip on it though :)


please try again
in the past ive done sw, rc, ww, atkins, xenical, calorie counting

now on cambridge, works for me


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Im on tony ferguson diet that Boots do, two meal replacements and a very low carb dinner. When I stick to it, it really works, I lost 8.2lbs in my first week! I had 3 weeks of not doing it and gained 3lbs from over eating :( but even with that hiccup Ive lost 1 and a half stone in 2 months, would probably have lost 2 stone by now if I hadnt falled off the wagon.

Ive tried so many diets but this one is really working for me.
I'm doing the Cambridge Diet. Currently on Sole Source (and the occasional Sole Source Plus day). My eventual aim is to get back on to Slimming World to lose the last 2 stones. So Cambridge until around December, then Slimming world afterwards to lose the last bit!
Like everyone else here I have tried everything before! but starting exante today - once this pack comes through the door! xx


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Any diet will work as long as it's done for long enough. I lost 11 stone in 2 years by doing Lighter Life, Lighter Life Lite and then old fashioned calorie counting. The main principle is PATIENCE! :)


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Any diet will work as long as it's done for long enough. I lost 11 stone in 2 years by doing Lighter Life, Lighter Life Lite and then old fashioned calorie counting. The main principle is PATIENCE! :)
Very true, and I also think you need to find something that fits in well with your life that you can stick to easily, because for me it's a long haul and I'm glad I've found something I can do easily

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