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Which diet should I do? Please have a look!

Hi, I'm new to the forums!

I've done a couple over the last few years - I did WW after having my son and lost what I wanted, SW after having my daughter and again lost what I wanted, and more recently I lost some on Cambridge.

I have probably 2 stone to lose, maybe a bit more.

I don't fancy WW as I was always always hungry doing it, and I've tried SW again recently but I've found it to take far too much preparation recently. It was good as I could cook for me and the kids but I work long days now and I'm struggling with it when there's just me as I don't always want to cook. And just eating less doesn't work, I need routine and structure! :)

I tried lighterlife briefly before cambridge, but didn't get on with the meetings. Cambridge I enjoyed and stuck to, however I've started and stopped it a couple of times recently and feel a bit ashamed to go back to my local counsellor :D Plus I did find it a little expensive as I wasn't entirely keen on the shakes as they weren't as nice as the LL ones, and I'd only drink the tetra pak ones!

Any suggestions? To be honest I'm leaning towards the VLCD as I want to see results quickly due to an event coming up...

however, I work 12.5 hour days with a 2 hour commute each side. Plus I want to do a reasonable amount of exercise on top, so I need a diet that gives me a fair bit of energy and I don't remember if Cambridge did.

Sorry for the rant! If anyone has some suggestions I'd really appreciate them, thanks!!
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Hi, i have actually just started the vlcd today! Well i started 2 weeks ago and lost 5lbs in arond 3 days! Wich was great, but then started to eat quite abit, one of the main reasons people dont go on the vlcd is because they fear the weigh will come straight back but ive been eating like a pig now for around a week and i havnt put on a single lb (might have to get my scales checked ;) ) But if you need help with menu plans and stuff, i sort of justwing it, and make sure i stick in the 500-800 calorie range, wich supprisingly is not as hard as i first thought, infact, after a day or two, it seems like quite abit :). Ive also teamed the vlcd with something called the big breakfast diet, basically when breakfast is the biggest meal of the day with the most calories, lunch is smaller, and dinner smaller still, im trying to retrain my body as my weakness is night time and huge dinners, so its hard, but in the long run, should be good, as i read an article that stated women who ate bigger breakfasts lost on average 5lbs more than women who ate smaller breakfast, so it cant be bad! hehe, hope this helps, if you need help deciding what to eat my email is [email protected] Good luck with whatever you chose
Oh gosh thanks for that!

I didn't realise there was a vlcd - I meant any one ie a shake one like cambridge/ll!!! Going to have a look at that one, maybe it's a good option! Thank you :)


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Well how about Celebrity Slim as you can still eat on that one (albeit small protein based snacks).
:/ i dont know why.. Ive just checked it and i didnt miss spell it or anything, ahh, well il just tell you basically what i do hehe.
When i started last week, i had 5 small meals each day, say 100 calories each on the VLCD.
But now i have started again, breakfast being the main meal, i have a 300 cal breakfast a 150-200 cal lunch and a 100 cal dinner, its easier said than done if you plan right, heres what ive had today;
20g porridge oats-75 cals
100ml ss milk-48
1tsp honey-20
Plus a small fruit salad wich came to about 120 so breakfast was 263
Dinner, a large salad, again i measured everything as i have found its key when on a VLCD ecspecially as if you do weigh food, youll find what you can have a lot of and what really isnt worth it (if you know what i mean) it came to 130 calories
And for dinner, i am having 300 ml vegetable soup, and a herbal tea before bed (helps the hunger if im hungry, which after a day or 2 goes away) Green tea is great for hunger pangs also, although i dont like it hehe, but anyway, thats what i have, and i take a multivitamin, although ive read there not much good, but oh well, i know this diet is probly lacking somewhat in nutrients, but i see it as a great kickstart to weight loss and ive found vegetable soup is great for a vitamin boost and low cal green smoothies made with spinach and pears, also good (for you, not so much the taste ;) ) When coming off the diet if you slowly add more carbs ect the weight shouldnt come back, fingers crossed anyway.
Sorry about my long replys hehe
Hope i helped in some way? Remeber thats just what i ate to stay within 500-800 calories, theres no theory or science behind it like some diets, just simply cutting calories.


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I'm doing SlimFast, and having reasonable results. I have two kids, and I find the ease of doing the shakes is helpful sometimes. I don't have to think too much about cooking. But I can still eat every day. I'm not sure how I'd get on with Cambridge where you can't eat at all.

Personally I find Slimfast really flexible and that's why it's working for me, but it's just finding something that's going to fit in with the rest of your life isn't it?

Good luck with whatever you choose.


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wow 2 hour commute both ways!! thats horrible, it would be good if you could use that time for something useful but sure good luck with it. if you're working 12.5 hours a day i would just watch what i eat and count calories as they say. obviously depends on how demanding your work is but you need energy for them long shifts.

not being funny, but seems you have tried the usual diets before and had no success so maybe calorie counting is the way to go. its an individual thing so if someone has great success with a particular brand of diet, it might not mean you will have too so i wouldn't pay too much attention of people sayign they lost this and that and you should too. find what suits you and there are things you can do to keep it up. i find making as little changes as possible helps me stick to it better so keeping it at -500 calories deficit isn't too hard to do and doesn't feel like i am dieting. slowly and surely:)

you can find your bmr here

BMR Calculator

or here

Basal Metabolic Rate : Calculators : Discovery Health

and see what you can eat for the day. always remember if you eat too little your metabolism slows and makes it doubly hard to lose so i would aim for a loss of a pound a week which is -500 calories a day. hope it helps and good luck!!


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lipotrim :)

it is a TFR diet, which you get from a chemist, it is £36 a for me (female) but its more expensive for men for some reason lol and you have 3 shakes a day, or soups, which ever you prefer, they also do flap jacks but they taste like cardboard hehe. you should drink the minimum of 2 litres of water a day on it, and you go back to the chemist every week for a weigh in and your next weeks worth of sachets! ive been on it 6 weeks now, its hard for the first few days till you get into ketosis, then it gets easier... lipotrim have a website so if youd like more info on it just google and click the pharmacy program button ,and go from there :) the lipotrim forum on here is great to . x


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I'm doing Go Lower - they provide you with all your meals so there is NO thinking involved....you open the cupboard chose a meal, heat and eat! It really is as simple as that. In the blurb it says you should lose 1stone a month - you said you wanted to see quick results. Well I have been losing 1 stone a month. It so easy and with your 2hr commute and 12.5hr days - to me this sounds ideal...No thinking and you can take meals with you to work and just heat them up...All you need to do is add fruit and veg..And I kow you said you wanted to exercise, but with Go Lower you don't need too..

What do you do to work such long hrs?

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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