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S: 16st6lb C: 9st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 7st0lb(42.61%)
I like Catherdral City Lighter - really very nice.

The last SW magazine had a bit about comparing cheeses and M&S half fat mature came top of the taste test followed by Leskol half fat. I haven't tried these myself though.


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Definitely Cathederal City Lighter! It's so good and I can't tell the difference between that and the full-fat one! Mmm! Don't like the Weight Watchers one it's like eating paper, ew! Xx


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Another vote for Cathedral City Lighter. I've tried the Leskol one and didn't think it was anything special to be honest.
I like the Cathedral City lighter one, but IMO, I buy a strong mature cheese and just use 28g. Depends if you like it on things or in a sandwich as 28g doesn't go far in a sandwich but is okay on a jacket spud!
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I'm with Jaylou- I buy 'normal'
I'm not a fan really of any 'diet' food- over time I have realised I would rather have a little of something nice than a lot of something which is a compromise.
Psychologically I am never satisfied by 'diet' food.


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Cathedral City Lighter is on BOGOF in Tesco atm for their pouches of grated cheese which a) makes it a lot easier to use and b) is cheaper than buying a block of it at the moment anyway. :)
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We tried the LoLo (?) one which was ok - nice texture, not crumbly or sweaty but wasn't really strong enough. Picked up the WeightWatchers one yesterday as it was on offer but it's not worth it. Ok in cooking but tasted pretty funky on it's own to be honest.
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i have had the leskol and liked it, but from the sounds of it i need to be trying the cathederal city !!!

tbh i grate up the babybel lites, can have 3 for a HXA, tho really 2 is plenty grated-they are 2 syns each
I have never tasted a low-fat hard cheese that I liked - but I will give the Cathedral City a try.

I prefer to have a smaller amount of "real" cheese - my favourite at the moment is M&S Cornish Cruncher cheddar (tip - if you can find the 99p trial size, this is cheaper per pound than buying a big block) - it is very tasty.

I also like Waitrose sliced Edam.
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I like the lowlow - it tates just like the cathedral city but is about half the price. I'm a sucker for really strong cheddar and can't stand any that taste fake so I was surprised how nice these two are.


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I buy Catherdra light cheese for maybe a cheese toastie or a sandwich, and I use Weight Watchers Mature Cheddar grated cheese for recipes.

But, I use Laughing Cow VLF cheese triangles and Babybel light cheese's more often than any other cheese.


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The Lescol to me is crunchy, and it tastes like when you chomp on a bit of boiled egg shell, makes me go GROOO!

The Aldi Bishop's Finger is reduced fat, 42g is a HEa and tastes really nice, like regular cheese and I also like Cathedral City Lighter. I buy Cathedral City only when there's an offer on though cos it's pretty expensive and OH always woofs it.


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I tend to use supermarket brand low fat cheese, normally tesco. I have tried the Weight Watchers one in the past and it was like eating an eraser that had gone hard.


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We have been getting Creamfields half fat cheddar from Tesco, I hadn't seen any of the other choices! It is ok on jackets and on its own as part of a salad but you know it isnt real cheddar, if you know what I mean. And it's a real bugger to grate lol

I'm gonna keep an eye out for Cathedral City light, and in particular the bogof grated one :)
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Thanks for your replies. I'm going to try Cathedral Light and see what its like, if its no good I will stick to normal cheese and just have a little less like some of you are doing!

Thanks again

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Another vote for Cathedral City Lighter. Best low fat cheese I've tried. a little pricey but Morrison's has it for half price this week!

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