Which Pack is your Favourite?


Finally...Life begins
Out of:

Drinks: Choc made into a mousse!

Soups: Spicy Tomato

Bars: (only tried a few, not impressed yet) Orange

Be interesting to see what your favs our!

I tried making the crisps out the veg soup and it was disgusting! Put me off the veg soup too!! :p
Well I don't like the soups unless I have made them in to crisps! I luuuurve choc/mint shakes and choc/orange bars yummy!
Mmm mine would have to be...

Choc shake made with 4 ice cubes and a spoonful of coffee, followed by an orange bar made in to biscuits can now get 32 out of one bar!!! and a butterscotch mousse.

Ajax....my crisps are yummy and very crispy. I had loads of attempts before getting them perfect....try again but don't use the whole pack just try a spoonful then at least you won't waste a pack.

Kamilla x
Choc mint shake
Choc or banana tetra mousse
" " " " frozen
" " " " with extra water
Orange Bar
Cranberry Bar

That's all i have LOL
I love all the bars, maybe orange tops the list.
Fave soup: chicken
Fave shake: cappacino
Prefer choc tetra over banana but love them both best when frozen.
I never have shakes as shakes, but always make them into mousses. The cappuccino, banana and butterscotch are my fave 'straight' flavours, but best of all is vanilla made up with just a small amount of sunshine orange water flavouring. The resulting mousse tastes just like cheesecake!

I don't like any of the soups, although i've yet to try the chilli one.

The orange bars are my absolute faves, with the choc ones being my least favourite. None of them are horrible though. I'm rather taken with the cranberry bars (i'm getting used to the 'stale' texture :p), and quite like the peanut ones too.

I like both tetras, but particularly like choc velvet frozen and banana bliss warmed up - tastes like custard!

Jo x
Isn't it just as well they make so many different flavours? We make a right bunch really as we all like different ones