which plan do you prefer?


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I do mainly green. Works for me. I'm a carb girl. Ocasionally I do an ee day.
I feel the same as you. Slightly worried about doing it. I have to really think and plan as it doesn't come as easy to me as green.
Having ee for tea. Homemade Chips with low cal spray. Lots of super free veggies and a chicken breast.


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I do EE, red and an old one called mix2max. I don't like green much though.
They all work, I like to do a day of each.


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I love doing EE over original/green.

I have been doing EE since I rejoined in Oct and tho my losses have not been spectacular I have recenly discovered that I have been doing it wrong!

When on EE you must have 1/3 Super Free Foods and snacks must be super free too! This is the key to EE!

I have also been keeping a check on my portion sizes and this week so far I have lost 5lb! I have official WI tomorrow morning, so I am well chuffed. EE for me all the way!


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Snacks don't have to be superfree on EE - it's just advised that they are.

Personally Red works best for me, but I tend to throw a couple of Green or EE days into my week too.


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I do green all the time as I'm vegetrian and it didn't slow down my losses at all


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Doing slimming world years ago i use to just live on green and the odd red use to pop up. Now im back with slimming world so far this week ive done EE apart from one day green.

Wont know until i step on the scales wednesday so we shall see.

Good luck with whatever you choose :D


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I have done almost exclusively EE, I find it so much more "normal". It doesn't feel like a diet, as I am never restricted and can have whatever I want, steak and chips? Yes please! Chilli and rice, Hell YES! All I have to do is make sure I eat a decent amount of veggies and fruit and since I'm the "fruitmonster", my husband says, I have no difficulty in doing that.

When I tried Red and Green days I just found I struggled much more with meal planning... but I guess that's cause I'm used to having meat at least 2x a day, lol!


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I lost 4 stone of my loss with EE, but my portion control was a little non existant with it too, and to change things about a bit I now do mainly red days, which you can have controlled carbs as a HEb. Its really is a personal thing tho whichever suits you better.

Helen xxx


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I do mainly EE with the occasional green when I fancy a cheese sandwich for my lunch - lol!

Have now passed my original target and have had to reduce my target as I can't maintain at my original target.