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Which plan is more popular- What do you do most of?

Only red for me with the very occasional green when I need mashed potato!! Totally too paranoid to chage to EE - I can't believe it works, even though so many people on here have had fantastic losses!

I do all of them but mostly Green. Id say four or five days a week are green with a couple of EE. Then maybe once a fortnight Ill have a red day. I have Red/EE much more often now Ive discovered celeriac! :D
I do red/green, i tried EE but due to my HATE of veggies and fruit I found it so difficult to have 1/3 of my plate superfree foods. And as I know the red/green plan like the back of my hand i just find so easy to do.
Mostly red for me with the odd green thrown in. (it`s the mashed potato!)

Do EE if I`m going out but prefer red/green as I can have my cheese fix and have milk in my tea (to which I`m addicted!!lol)
Mainly ee although I have tried red & green and enjoyed it

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