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Which plan works best for you?

I am always starving on red day so I don't do them any more. Do you like eating a lot of meat and fish? It won't do any harm to do some red days but all the plans work equally well to be honest.
I find that for me, I lose more if I throw some red days in there - clearly, the lack of carbs is what does it for me. But everyone's different! You might want to try a few red or green days just for variety though?
I do mostly red days with the occasional green day thrown in for some variety.
It suits me as I love gammon steaks, roast dinners, low fat sausages - a real meat eater!
But I like to occasional green day just as much as I can have a heap of mash potato and baked beans.
As others say, everyone is different so I would suggest trying them. You dont have to worry about the 1/3rd superfree on your plate and you get 2 HEXBs
I do Green Days all the time (veggie) & my losses are consistently high although I have a lot more to loose than you.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You are still loosing on EE, and say yourself you love it. Why change it? I, like you, thought i would get better losses on red & green, and in reality felt restricted & deprived & ended up off plan for 2 weeks, amd gained as a result. The 2 hebs & heas all seem good, but if your trigger food is bread like me - its not the best idea.
I must say enjoy a couple of green days a week specially on a long day at work then I don't have to think how to take 1/3 plate superfree.

I've only done 1 red day and that was ok, don't forget if you want to do red you can make your mash out of celeriac, swede/turnip and carrots, lush.

give it a go, its really the only way to decide x
Extra easy seems to be working great for me :)
I do extra easy,it works great for me :D

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