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which RC diet are you following

Hi there :) I've just started RC, so I'm on the 1200 calorie a day fat attack fortnight. Yesterday was my first day, and in all honesty I didn't think I would manage it, but I blooming well did :)
Im doing the new hip & thigh diet is there much difference in them?It is tough the kickstart if I can ge through it anyone can lols! get good results from it so it is worth it!
I've got both the Ultimate GI Jeans diet (which I started with) and just got the GI Hip and Thigh diet books through on the at home kit which is what they give out at classes too.

For the first two weeks you'd be best staying off cheese anyway, unless you can find a seriously low fat version (they used to be all around, WW and Sainburys had a 4% fat cheddar). I only use a half fat version now if I really need to and use it as my 100 cal treat.

But sounds like if there is a big difference on the old diet to new one, maybe grab the book of the new one? If you don't want to go to a class (where you can get the books on joining) or live too far then maybe look at the at home kit as that has the books plus more stuff to help in it.
there is a difference dont think I could go without counting cals
ages ago did sw Therewas no counting with that other than the syns
I used to count cals I could with it thats why Istarted rc with it cal counting and the exercise only club not tryed is ww they use points dont they alot of people I know do ww
sarah whats the gi jeans plan like!
The Ultimate GI Jeans plan is the same (in my opinion) as the GI Hip and Thigh diet. The structure is the same, the amount you eat for each meal and powersnack is the same. Just different recipes and possibly some revised content. The exercises at the back may differ (I've not got onto the actual book yet, still reading the green book).

It's interesting that they give out the Hip and Thigh diet in the classes and not the other!
last yr when I starrted class Had brought the new hip&thigh plan out I THINK THATS why. ITHINK it was gi jeans b4 that

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