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Which was your worst day??

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great sunny day.

I'm nearly through my second day and without tempting fate it's been ok. A little bit hungry and a mild headache at lunch time, but other than that, not bad at all.

Which brings me to my question;

Which is the worst day when starting out, or does it vary with different people?

And how bad does it get?
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day 5 was the worst for me....i was like a woman possesed!!!!!
then it got a lot easier until midway thru weeks 2 wen i had my totm(time of the month) luckily for u that wont apply!!!! again at this point i was like a mad woman!! on day 5 i had to get my family to lock me in the room so i couldnt eat!!!!!!!
Wow, that's something to look forward to!!

I get the impresiion i've been getting away with it lightly so far. It's been a little too easy if you know what i mean?

Did you find it hard not to cheat? Not even a small slip up?


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i do find it hard not to cheat defo!!!!!!!
but i just keep talking myself out of it again. i planned on starting cd last september but didn't actually get it fully started to 4 weeks ago so i just keep thinking that if i do cheat it will take me so so long to get in the right frame of mind again!!!
it might get harder before it gets easier but u kno why ur doing this. u can see from the others that the results is fab and it does get a LOT easier after the tough bit i promise!!!!!!!!
keep us posted on how ur doing xx
I had a pounding headache due to carb withdrawal, and a foul metallic taste in my mouth for the first week, as well as various 'I've just got to eat,' moments. Two and a bit months in, it all seems natural and most of the time, it's easy.


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Days 3 & 4 for me too.

Day 1 you are full of previous over eating (well me anyway:eek:) so it's kind of a relief to not be eating and stuffed for a change! Also full of enthusiasm and willpower.

Day 2 starting to feel a bit peckish now, bit headachey, but still enough willpower to get through it.

Day 3, hungry, fed up, miserable.

Day 4 possibly the same but something is happening secretly!

Because by day 5 I am properly into ketosis. I don't feel hungry and start to feel lighter and more energetic already.

Then another danger period comes for me, about a week in! Because I feel better, lighter, more in control, I start to harbour feelings that *Ah...that was easy! I can get into ketosis properly next week and just have this treat tonight. Maybe I can even manage without CD!* Except that isn't the case is it :rolleyes:

Physically I feel better by day 5. Mentally, for me it's 2-3 weeks before the new eating habits become ingrained and I settle into it and the desire to continue becomes greater than the desire to comfort myself with food.:)


Me on the right! x
OMG Descent I am exactly the same as you... well I'm only on day 4 but I know by the end of next week I'm going to feel lighter and think yeah I can do this on my own now and just start to try being good... but it ain't gonna work!!
Day 1 and 2 I felt great.. full of motivation and not hungry at all.
Day 3 started well still felt motivated and full of energy but by the afternoon my energy started to zap... I went to bed at 9 and watched the telly trying to false a smile at my boyf every time he came to check on me.
Day 4 - starting to get grumpy... I hate everyone on the tube, I can't walk at my normal pace, I have no energy and I feel like pants!!
BUT I have no appetite for food... (even though it's someones b'day at work and theres a selection of belguim biscuits on display) I don't feel the need to cheat at all. One of my good points is that when I get motivated my will power is amazing... just a shame that I don't get 'that' motivated day-to-day eating normally!!
I get weighed tonight so I'm hoping a weight loss will spur me on through the weekend and get me through the dreaded day 5!! (Which happens to be my god-daughters 1st Communion and party = party food and drink... NOT good!)


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Days 3 and 4 I felt grotty and headachey...but not too bad.I have had more energy than I have had for years through out the plan.
My worst day was definitely day 4! Stomach was rumbling all day long and then went to play badminton in the evening (wasnt aware you werent supposed to exercise in the first 2 weeks! thanks cdc!) and could hardly lift my feet to run as had no energy at all...when I got home I had my last CD pack and then had a headache and felt soooo sick for about 3 hours I just couldnt sleep that night! Luckily i havent had another day like that and it just gets easier and easier as you go on. Im so happy on this diet I feel like I cant be bothered to go back to normal eating...too much effort!

Anyway good luck MarkyBoyAce! Im sure you'll be fine and will have amazing results which always gives you the motivation to continue.



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My worst day was day 8. Nothing to do with diet symptoms, but simply cos I went to my Mother's and she decided to cook bacon butties.
Day 5 for me I had a stinking headache all day and I felt sh*t. But here I am 15 weeks later and haven't cheated once. If your determined and have willpower you will do it.

Good luck
Day 5 for me I had a stinking headache all day and I felt sh*t. But here I am 15 weeks later and haven't cheated once. If your determined and have willpower you will do it.

Good luck
What an achievement!:talk017:
Thanks for your feedback guys, it all helps.

Halfway through day 3 now and not feeling too bad, I'm at work and there are a lot of people eating crap and it smells fantastic. But what's weird is, I don't actually want any.

So, onwards and upwards, I'm just getting on with it.


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Day 3 and 5 for me...for some reason day 4 was OK:rolleyes: Good luck mate. I've done Lipotrim and Cambridge Diet. If you really want to see what a guy has achieved on these diets, check out Icemoose (CD) and Fattothin (LT). These will be a real inspiration for you if the tough times do come. x
Day 1 was my worst, it started out really well but by the end of the day, I thought I was going to be sick I felt like I had eaten 3 Christmas Dinners and just sooooo sick I had to choke down my last shake of they day, I swore I wouldnt continue, but still didnt break it.

Nothing has been as bad as that day, and after week one things have been going well. Into week 6 and still going strong. Terrified to break it in case I cant get back to it so thats keeping me honest :)

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