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White and Green


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If you are solesourcing then the answer is no, there is no truth to that. CD establishes a mild state of ketosis and the fragile equilibrium can be easily upset knocking you out of ketosis and making you hungry. Green and whites are only for add a meal, the 790 and the 810 plans.

Furthermore, with no evidence to show for this, cheating and picking lower your chances of success considerably. It's not easy, we all struggle, especially a few months into it but please consider using the community here to stop you from cheats as it's really npt worth givong into temptation.


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I heard a whisper that if you are really struggling on any particular day that you can eat white meat or green vegetables.

Any truth in this?

Been on the diet a month Monday and struggling bad. :sigh:
If you are really struggling, hun, it might be worth trying a week of SS+. That way you could have a small green and white meal every day. It doesn't seem to have a huge effect on losses. I reckon you should have a chat with your CDC about it.

Julie W

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Hi - I have had this same conversation with my CDC and her advice to me is what I will pass on to you.

When struggling with the diet (which most of us do from time to time), don't make yourself really miserable that you end up packing the diet in completely and returning to your old eating habits or eating something that does not fit in with the diet.

You have chosen to do CDC and make certain changes in your life; no-one is making you do this, it has been your choice. What you decide to do when feeling really miserable and struggling, again is your choice and no-one elses.

My CDC has told me not to make myself unhappy (especially to the point of almost crying as I have been previously), instead have an extra shake, soup or bar. Or if that is not going to cut it, then have a light meal of chicken, fish etc and veg or salad. Try not to have any bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etc as this could instantly add pounds; but the other stuff should be ok - it may slow your loss down a bit, but shouldn't affect you drastically.

The point is, if you choose to eat a light meal, then plan it and choose to do it with a positive attitude. You will not have 'cheated' or failed in anyway but will have simply made a different choice that day and should not beat yourself up for it. If making the choice to eat with a negative attitude then you run the risk of eating foods that will bring you out of ketosis or coming off the diet completely.

So keep your chin up, and remember you have to look after your mind and emotional wellbeing on this diet as much as yourself physically, so if at difficult times, you choose to eat, not eat or have an extra CD product, then you have simply made a choice that is all. You have not cheated and have not failed.

Check out a previous thread from KD regarding taking a journey and stopping off to visit a relative - she puts it so clearly (she's a wise one is KD). If I can find the thread then I'll bump it up for you.

best wishes
Julie x

p.s have just found the thread I'm talking about and have bumped it - its on the main CD forum by KD and called "who is the better person".
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I followe ss+ with the meal so I dont feel like I am 'missing out'! maybe your cdc could give you more details on this


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Check out a previous thread from KD
p.s have just found the thread I'm talking about and have bumped it - its on the main CD forum by KD and called "who is the better person".[/QUOTE]

I've tried and tried to find this and can't, how do I do it? I've looked in the main CD forum, put in " who is the better person" and nothing...... Help please?!


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S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thankyou Annie, It is interesting. I'm such a muffin, I just can't seem to navigate round this site very well. I've just given up on the ticker thing. I found the instructions ( thought that was clever for me!) Followed them carefully ( I thought,) and it didn't work when I got to the end bit. Still thanks to kind people like you I seem to find all the important bits! :) Thankyou.

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