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Who am I ?

A funny thing happened to me at work this morning.
Someone I know quite well but haven't seen for a while didn't recognise me !!!
It felt great at first, but then she kept going on about it so much I felt embarrassed in front of my colleagues.
I don't think Idealt with it very well.:eek:
Has anyone got any tips on how to handle this situation?
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I have found the best thing is to just throw yourself into it - and accept that you are going to start getting loads and loads of comments - and they keep coming. I have actually found it much easier to cope with then I expected. I used to be painfully shy about any type of attention - as we all relate too. But now, people are really interested. I've gotten used to it, where I can now discuss it quite openly with just about anyone. I am even telling people how much I weigh now if they ask!!! Never thought I would do that! EVER!!!

Its really awkward at first - but it gets easier, adn more fun. :)
Hiya, I've had the same thing happen to me a few times now. I find that women are dead interested in HOW you've lost the weight and want to know all the gory details so you can't really escape talking about it, whereas men just say you look fantastic and often they don't really know why, bless 'em!
I started LL soon after having my third baby so I tend to say that I've managed to shift the baby weight, without going into too much detail. Like Blonde Logic I find I rather enjoy the attention now, but I do get a bit bored of explaining about how LL works!
TC x
Thanks Ladies

You are right. I should learn to accept the attention gratefully, after all we have worked so hard to achieve the change.
Yes TC I've noticed that men are different.They definitely look at you differently don't they??!!
Hi BL - I haven't been brave enough to tell anyone how much I weigh yet, maybe I will eventually.
G: 10st7lb
It's funny, we actually did a group exercise based on this in my LL meeting yesterday, we had to split into groups of 3 or 4 and take turns in giving each other genuine compliments, and the receiver of the compliments wasn't allowed to say anything but 'thank you' - most people found it really easy to give the compliments but quite difficult to accept without getting embarassed.. and even if they could accept the compliment they had a nagging doubt that it wasn't genuine or something. I think it's something that we all really need to work on... and I think the forums here help because everyone is so supportive and complimentary of each other so it should (well imo anyway) ease you in to being able to accept compliments in the 'real world'?? xxx