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Who checks up on the chemists?


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Ever since JanD posted the reply from LT, I have thought about the differences between our chemists, some having good reports, others not. I know the chemist I use is particularly good and this week I learned a little more about why it is.

When I was weighing in this week I struck up conversation with the lass I deal with every week regarding LT and guidelines. She told me that they have an LT employee who comes to the chemist on an ad-hoc basis to check up on them. She checks the computer, asks questions on how the people using the diet are doing. She also said none of the staff there are allowed to work with people until they are fully trained. She said she feels LT are very strict and if they don't meet the recommended standards they will not be allowed to carry the product.

I feel good I am in an area where there is someone visiting and insisting on good practice but feel bewildered as this is a smallish town in Ireland, in relative terms and yet there are others in the U.K. and larger towns and cities who feel their chemists are not providing an adequate service. Where are their checks? Is it practice or policy to have someone check up on LT's behalf?
It is just some food for thought and I thought it would be interesting to share it with you.

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Hi Doirin
Thanks for that...my pharmacist is fab as well. I think I will ask her on Thursday what the procedure is there. They are new;only been supplying LT for a few months.
The girl is amazing and actually has food issues herself, albiet she is thin. but, she is so encouraging and willing me on!

It is a shame that they all differ. Must be a reason; we may get to the bottom of it yet.

Hi doirin . Must say my chemist has been really good (exept for one week when the girl was on holidays and I as weighed in by someone who hadnt a clue) . obviously there is one "expert " who is trained. She used to give me a printed sheet off the computer with all my Stats to date and a little graph to show my weight loss. This was really encouraging .
Dorin, I never actually thought of this....although there are 2 girls in the chemist i use that deal with Lipotrim. The one that I see most of the time is lovely and has always said that if im struggling at all to just call in for a chat etc. So i would say that they are very good and friendly.....but i suppose there are ones out there that don't have a clue and are giving wrong advice etc


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I'm like you Doirin, my chemist is in a small town and recently they had a 're-training' day for all the staf already trained in LT. The computer system was checked and updated, and they were all 'tested' on their knowledge of LT and how to assist those on it. I still have weeks where the 'trained' staff aren't available and I just get weighed by the counter staff, but they're very discreet and always apologise, and say if I have any queries at all to contact the trained staff or they'll take my number and get them to contact me. This happened last week, and I'd wanted to speak to my pharmacist about re-feeding in a week or two, but he wasn't available. But its not urgent, and I can tell them my plans on Friday (if he's there then!)
Hiya misses, I'm also Irish.
When I did LT before in town the chemist were fantastic! very strict regarding guidlines etc!
When I tried to come back on it, i was doing it in a chemist down the road that closes at 6 so I explained I could ONLY come in on Saturdays due to work, they said this was fine.
After a week on it, i went in on Sat and the lady told me to come back on Monday, i said I couldn't cos of work and i needed shakes!! She refused and i was really upset cos what was i meant to do?! Even to refeed i'd need shakes!
I came off it and went back months later but they didn't stock it anymore, they were obviously useless so I'm glad.
The chemist i do it in now are pretty bad, i have to get weighed on a really bandy scales that have been there since i was a toddler, in the middle of the shop!!
Thats awfull daisy. I used to weigh on saturday too and if the nice Trained girl wasnt there ,the rest of the staff could be quiet grumpy about having to leave the shopfloor to weigh me in upstairs. Couldnt cope with being weighed in the shop now ...thats a bit much !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah it's pretty horrible alright:(
And it's in a very bad area in the city and I'm just waiting for someone to say something horrible AND I get weighed right by the window so I feel like a hippo in a zoo!
Ha feck it, once I get my "fix" i don't mind, i would just hate any new starters who need info and support etc going there though!

The only reason I didn't go back to the great chemist I had been with is cos I've gone from teeeeeney to not at all teeney and I'm embarressed cos they were all so happy for me and supportive!:(


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Interesting .... I wonder why LT didn't mention this procedure in their reply .... ? Hmmmmm xx

Gosh Daisy, that sounds awfully embarrassing to me! It's hardly discreet when people can see what's happening. Just out of curiosity, where in Ireland is this?

Irish Hobo xx
It's in Dublin city!
I would have thought the central ones would be way more proffesional!


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My pharmacy are quite good.. There are 2 who are fully trained and then another 2 who are training... TBH I dont spend much time in there I just get weighed, grab my shakes and go. When I went in a week ago the girl I saw told me she thought the goal weight originally set for me was too low, in contradiction with her colleague and the computer. Its this type of inconsistency that annoys me. I wish they could at least agree in the same pharmacy. Anyway, I always said I would see how i feel when I get to 10st and then decide if I want to lose another 9lb.. 9 1/2st suited me 10 years ago, it might not now!!
You would think there would be rules about privacy and where they are allowed to weigh people. on the shop floor is just not acceptable in my book . A friend of mine told me that when she was being weighed in in her chemist it was on one of these upright check your weight ,heartrate,bloodpressure machines that you stand on and It SPEAKS your weight out loud to who ever is in the shop. Why do they think this is acceptable. ??? obviously these people have never had a weight problem.
In Dublin city, really? That's dreadful to hear. I'm actually a Dub myself but living in the north, surely there are other chemists you could go to?
You're right, I would have thought the ones in the city would be more professional too as they would have a bigger clientele. I get weighed in a private room upstairs and my chemist is in the middle of nowhere!



Positivity is the key
Hi All,
thanks for the responses to this.
JanD, you were in my mind when I posted it as I know you wanted to reply to LT and I thought this was an interesting aside.
It seems myself and Irishmum are the only two so far aware of any training and checking going on in our chemists, Scotsmist says she will check hers, so look forward to seeing how that goes. By the responses here some of you find your chemist good but on the other side how appalling to be asked to weigh in front of the whole shop, not to mind someone else weighed on a scales which speaks your weight. I would want the ground to open and swallow me.
If my chemist wasn't as good as they are, I don't believe I would have joined up for this diet and their ongoing support is great.
The other thing my chemist does is when someone asks about LT they give them the dvd and tell them to come back in 2 days time to make an appointment to see the assistants, where they then fill in the questionnaire and then proceed if the person is able to. She said this helps to see how motivated people are to come back and sign up and feel they have a higher success rate that way.
Thanks again, sorry for rambling but it is a bug bear of mine now. When I am not eating I have to get my teeth into something.
TBH my pharmacy is spot on

The guy i normally see we pretty much always have good bant

And if its just a flying visit they are always real nice then too so am comfortable with mine although find it alarming how shocking some are


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The other thing my chemist does is when someone asks about LT they give them the dvd and tell them to come back in 2 days time to make an appointment to see the assistants, where they then fill in the questionnaire and then proceed if the person is able to. She said this helps to see how motivated people are to come back and sign up and feel they have a higher success rate that way.
Mine too! They wouldnt' let me even speak to the pharmacist until I'd watched the DVD, then I had to make an initial app. and fill in the questionnaire and answer some questions from the pharmacist. It really made me feel they were there to look after me.
This is a really good thread and LT should really hear about some of the horrid things people have to go thru. My chemist is really good and one of the ladies there is actually on LT as well.

Really feel for you guys that have had bad experiences and being weighed in the shop etc. Big hug from me for putting up with all the horrid stuff and keeping to LT
I can't eblieve some of you have to weigh in public... and on a speaking machine! That's outrageous.

My pharmacy has just undergone a re-fit and they now have a little side room which i get weighed in whih is private and very nice facility to have. Before it was out the back in stock room - so still private.


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Well I asked today at the pharmacy what happens. I didnt even realise the girl that sees me is not the pharmacist. I just thought she was..Now, this maybe the key....not sure.....but, the pharmacy is the one that is trained, and then she trained the other staff!!!!! This girl is really knowledgeable but she said she wanted to do it. Maybe in other pharmcists the staff are basically told they have to do it, but not interested. This girl, Michelle is so interested in people and weight issues.

So, maybe if some pharmacists are not good managers or trainers, maybe they are to blame???????? Not sure!

She did say that they someone from LT come every so many months to check up on everything, but it isnt adhoc...the pharmacist is aware of it.

I didnt get much info out of her, not because she was holding back...but I think the fact they are quite new in supplying LT they maybe only had one or two visits.

I asked her a question about going into hospital last week and she actually phoned and spoke to one of the doctors at LT and came back to me..

Hope this helps.

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