Who decides when is best for RTM???


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Good Morning Slimmers,

I wonder whether anyone could help me! :sign0009:

A friend of mine started LL 2 weeks after me, at 18 stone. At last weigh in she was 13 stone and was really happy with her weight loss. It has given her a fab confidence boost and she feels ready to now go into RTM and up her exercise to shed the last couple of stone herslef. She spoke to her LLC and was told that going off her height, her ideal weight would be 9 stone something and that she couldnt go onto RTM until she was there.

I was under the impression that YOU decided when you were ready for RTM (after your initial 14 weeks)??????:confused:

She's now thinking of packing it in and going it alone but I said Id find out about other peoples experiences first.

Many Thanks :wavey:
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nearly there!! :)
im not really sure, to tell u the truth. i do know they would want u to do the 14 weeks (has she?), but that also a llc tries make u stay untill ur classed as healthy...although i dont thing she can stop u moving to rtm. see what everyone else says, but if its still an issue tell her talk to llc again and if nothing ring head office for advice!



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Yeah she has done the 14 weeks, think she is on week 16 now.
But she is getting the hair loss and dizziness quite a bit now and its worrying her a bit.

Thank You :)


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Medical Team

She could contact the LL medical team to discuss. Nobody would want her to feel unhealthy.
Perhaps she could switch to the new LLLite? I don't know if that's poss.
Is she drinking enough water? Has she got other health conditions?


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if the LLC is saying her ideal weight is 9 stone then that means she's still 4 stone overweight which suggests her BMI will be more than 25. Probably the reason her LLC is suggesting she carries on for a while longer.

It's a difficult transition for some to go from the comfort of their foundation group to a new group with new people. Especially if you've got lots more to lose, it feels like everyone else is moving on and leaving you behind. But if she can stick with it, I'd say try and lose a bit more till she's a healthy BMI. Up to her though. There aren't any rules about when you can start RTM I'm sure.

Don't forget either, sometimes we feel unwell just because we're not well. Nothing to do with LL. In fact, I've come down with more bugs and illnesses since starting eating again than I ever did in the 8 months on packs! Good luck to her whatever she decides:)


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Look at the booklet you get, did she sign it? in there it explains that you commit to the program and are bound by rules, it gets you o sign. if she has not signed it she is not tied to anything. She agrees to complete the 14 weeks and once she has she can choose to carry on or she can do RTM. The LLC is wrong, tell her to contact LL direct and explain the situation if she feels strongly about it.

Personally i would carry on till i was 9 stone. But that is me.

Lisa Bigger Bum

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Hi ya,

I had to reply because this made me a little cross. Your freinds LLC has no right to say the exact weight she has to get to and indeed YOU choose the ideal weight for yourself, we are all different builds and what one persons exact weight should be on those charts are not the same for everyone, my LLC explained that we decide where we want to go, its a guide and not set in stone. Some of our group are a little older and advised that they would never ever get within the expected weight range and wouldnt feel happy either. I myself along with another group member work out and are also have curves and I wouldnt want to lose my hips or boobs. My partner is 6 foot and a hgv mechanic and built like a brick house if he got to his 'ideal' weight he would not be able to function.

As advised by slendbenda speak to LighterLife direct and they can confirm anything that your unsure about.

I hope your friend doesnt just try herself I was ill for 10 weeks before christmas and was not allowed to continue with LL for that time and have managed to put on 1 st 7 lb, we need that support, we need all of the training the last part is the most important. I wish you both good luck and dont give up try transfering to another LLC or try Cambridge there seem to be more of those about and offer all sorts of plans.

Remember its your and her health and its something that only we can maintain ourselves and if non practical goals are set we will never keep them. I think her wanting money from you is a more likely motivation for her trying to enforce this.

Take care and keep us posted X


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Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for your reply. I completly agree with you. If my friend got down to 9 stone she would look seriously ill. She wants to be around the 11/12 stone mark, which she feels happy with. She doesnt strive to be a size zero, she would be happy and comfy at 12 stone. (she was nearly 19 stone when she started).
I understand what people on here are saying about a healthy bmi and such but like you say, surely it should be up to the individual when they are ready!! :confused: She is on week 16, so has completed the 14 weeks that you initaially sign up for, Im really trying to persuade her to carry on and not go it alone.

Im on week 18 now and loving it, have never had so many compliments in my life! I started at 18stone 1 and am now around 12 stone 13. I wanted to get down to the 11 stone mark then shift the last stone on RTM ( going off the chart I should be between 7 and 10 stone). :eek: Something which I never thought I would be anywhere near!!

Thank You for the advice, I really appreciate it. And good luck with your own journey.


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Yes. You can.
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It should be down to the dieter. Even if not at goal - if the diet is too much and they want to stop, they should still be allowed RTM so that they reintroduce food appropriately.

I would question this.

BUT - I am with Huseyin - I would try and encourage her to stay, unless she truly is having physical difficulty, not pshycological. Its not that much longer, and I think if she just stopped now nad tried to lose 2 stone she would struggle. It is quite challenging bringing food back - can be very trying times. She really should be allowed to go through RTM, and I can;t see any reason why she should notbe allowed.

Keep us posted!


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I must say that this post is quite upsetting, It should be YOU who decides when you are happy, although I understand the importance of being healthy I dont think any one but yourself can determine when you feel happy!
Hope your friends feeling ok and makes the right decision for her!
Rachiie -ox-


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Absolutely and she should have the choice, which lets not forget she does, nobody can force you to do anything especially dieting.

But what me and BL are saying to you is she should stick to it, i hear this all the time "she will look ill" its the classic line from people watchin you loose weight. Why dont they say that when people are overweight, suffering from high blood pressure and potentially other health issues.

She should be encouraged and quiting now could mean she piles it back on. I would tell her to mention to the LLC that she is on the verge of quiting and wants to start the RTM course. No LLC in thier right mind would say "ok walk away"


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Hi everyone - I've had a similar experience when talking to my LLC about going onto RTM, although she is a great LLC and I have no issue with her.

As you all know I was lapsing a lot over Christmas and thought I'd be better off starting RTM early and doing it properly, than fizzling out and just putting the weight back on. When I spoke to her we reassessed my goal... instead of aiming for 10 stone, I'm now going for 11 stone - which still puts me into the healthy weight range (I'm 5'7'') with a couple of pounds to play with.

It does sound like the LLCs like you to be 'healthy' before you bring food back - but if it was a case of RTM vs QUIT, I'm sure it would be a no brainer... and if not, she'll need to talk to LL.

I used to think similarly to your friend... I've always been "big"... big tits, big feet and hands, big bum/hips... and thought that I would look awful if I got too slim ("I'd look ill" passed my lips a LOT!)... but it's not that your friend would look ill (not if she doesn't go too far, that is)... it is just that she would look different to how she looks overweight... it's hard to imagine ourselves as nature intended when we have been sticking it to mother nature for years and years.

Part of my motivation to get into the healthy range is to see what I am 'supposed' to look like - not based on people's expectations etc, but based on what scientists and BMI charts say... I may think I look 'normal' when I am bigger - but that's only because I don't know otherwise.

At the end of the day your friend will never be able to lose the weight so quickly again.. so she might as well grab the opportunity now she's already broken the back of it.

But yes - if she really doesn't want to, there is no reason why she shouldn't be able to start RTM when she chooses.

A xx