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Who else is exercising?

Hi there

Who else is exercising in conjunction with CS? I have been doing an hour in the gym twice this week, aiming for 3-4 visits a week to really boost the weight loss. I do 25 mins on treadmill, 10 mins on cross trainer and 20 mins on bike then some free weights, 10 mins on the power plate and a cool down swim - I never thought I would say it but I have really enjoyed it!

It was fab marching along on the treadmill watching Loose Women! HOw sad am I!

Anyone else doing any exercise and if so, what?

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Eloquent hooligan
I used to be down the gym most nights but haven't been since I went into hospital with acute pancreatitis at the beginning of Dec... I miss it terribly... I'm gonna get my arse back down next week as (touch wood) I haven't been in pain for a few weeks now :)
ive bought coleen nolans dvd and its not bad ok ive only watched it onece but im sure ill do it soon it the inate grining that did my head in its like who look how smug i am lol, have davina as well but her voice grates on you and its blody hard lol might tell my partner that i need a wii fit for cs to work
thats just reminded me of when i was a kid my mum who has never been more than 8st used to have an obssesion with fitness vidios she used to buy one every wk green goddess, mad lizze, aussi work out american work out you name one we had it , every time she got one we would wait till my dad was out shed put on the vid and we would sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and a mars bar or cream bun to watch it lol, if i said to her are we going to have a go she would say say no it hasnt done her much good so wont do owt for us lol the house was full of the things now shes 79 and still telling me she could do with a stone of
Hi - I'm planning on keeping up my exercise when I start CS next Monday. I've been going to classes with friends since finishing LL and returning from holiday during the Perth October fortnight last year (yip, we get 2 weeks off in October...yeah...but one week less in the summer..boo..!).

I started at the end of October going to a tums, bums and thighs class on a Monday, body core toning class on a Wednesday, and another tums, bums and thighs class on a Friday night. I also bought a stepper and power plate to use in the house but they're kinda gathering dust at the mo - really must dust them off!

I didn't do any exercise during LL due to only getting 500cals per day on it and thought my body would probably shut down in outrage at me if I did lol! I don't see any reason why on this diet exercise shouldn't be done along side, as you're getting a decent amount of cals per day and it's pretty much all heathly.

I guess it's a case of see how it goes and listen to your body and keep well hydrated during any exercise.

Good luck x
i have an exersice bike which i hang my hand bags on and an abb trainer which is in the celler i think, im going to have to get them out and start
LOL Sharon Kim! If I'm honest, my power plate is in the bedroom and I hang my bra on it or dressing gown each night before bed! As for the stepper, in the bedroom too, it has a spare cushion on it at the mo - out of sight and all that..........not what they were intended to be used for, but hey they have their uses!
i was thinking of getting a power plate are they any good
Hi - yes and no?!? I think power plates are a personal like or dislike.

I bought a cheap one off the internet last year, think it was around £140 and the one's they have in the posh gyms are worth £000's.

I went to power plate classes a few months ago and didn't actually feel they did me any good and I didn't enjoy the classes at all. I much prefer exercise classes but not too high impact. If you can, see if somewhere locally does power plate classes and go along and see what you make of them and if you like them - try before you buy! There are loads online to buy and they vary in price.

I've not used mine much to be honest but I guess if I did use it 3 or 4 times a week for 10mins a day, I would see a difference.
i think i will do that as some of them are quite expencive, i always think ill do some exercise but i find it boring so give up i want some thing thats fun and not the same routine, which is why im trying to persude my partner i need wii fit even though ill prob use it a couple of times and put it away, i saw a program on tv the other night about weight loss and they were left with lots of skin which id hate
Hi - yeah, saggy skin is a worry! I've ordered Wii Fit for my hubby's birthday in March, he he! He's not stupid, he'll know it's really for me but it's something we can do together - although he keeps mentioning "other exercise" we could do together for me to tone up and burn cals....nah, into a good book just now dear!
lol mines the same he keeps telling me sex burns up 300 cals an hr but i told him in reality thats 10 cals burnt at most lol
He He - love it! You know, I think we're the only two on this forum just now, it's very quite! Hubby and kids are away visiting his mum and dad in Coatbridge for the afternoon and dinner. I sometimes go along but I'm still feeling yuck with this virus and really need to be well for Monday - back to work and start CS!
that virus really takes it out of you we all had flu at xmas and my daughter has a lung infection from it, my partner is at work and other daughter is on her laptop, at least were exsercising our hands being on here my fingers are down to skin and bone lol
I agree! More enjoyable way to burn off 10cals! Well, I'm off now, hate to say it but I'm going downstairs to bake a cake I promised the kids....and I may have a bit before carb exile starts on Monday..sorry..will no doubt be back on later to see what everyone's been up to. Take care x
lol have fun with the cake you might as well enjoy while you can see later x
im threatening to join an aerobics class but dont want to colapse down in frnt of everyone lol ive got to admit i dont really do anything these days except a bit of walking so it would need to be a starter class. i was looking at the rowing machines but they are quite expensive so i cant justify it just yet, im going to keep my eye out for 2nd hand ones though so if anyone see's any bargains let me know please!


Eloquent hooligan
Tell you what I've still got & not used for a bit is a Slendertone belt... well worth the investment :) Great for toning :)
is that those electric things that stimulate the muscles? (for f sake dont say anything howdy lol)

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