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Who has started today 25th march 2010

Hi well i am about 7 hours in to my first day and so far so good I have a little bit of a headache but I woke up with it so I dont think its the diet yet.
I am just so happy to be doing this and i am so determined that this will be the last diet i ever go on, I just cant wait till weigh day next wednesday already!!!

So who else has started today and how are you finding it so far, early days i know but like alot of people have quite rightly said on here that its good to write everything down like your feelings and moods and things!!

Good luck everyone.

Hannah :D
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This is the last time!!
Not started today, but just want to wish you lots of luck for your journey. Take some paracetamol for the headache, drink plenty of water, and take a nice bubbly bath if you feel niggly later.
I swear by 'Lush' bath products, and treat myself to gorgeous smelling bubbly baths whenever I am feeling in need of some indulgence. A divine smelling and relaxing bath (pref with a good book or trashy magazine!) followed by jumping into jammies which have been warming on the radiator - bliss!
Hi Hannah!

Today is my 2nd proper day on CD, I've done pretty well... keep looking at the clock and thinking that it will be day 3 before I know it!

Looks like we're almost exactly the same weight and I'm 5'7 too. How much do you want to lose, I'd like to lose 5 stone to start with and then I'd be down to the slimmest I've been in my adult life... I'll reassess my goal when I get there!

Stick with it hun, you're almost done with day 1 and every day gets easier!

Hi Hannah,

I started today :) doing quite well but i know its going to get hard as soon as i get closer to ketotis. Its my last diet too, ive just hit rock bottom and was getting so depressed.

Oh we have almost the same stats if you wana buddy up :)

Nessy x x
Hi Nessy and Lisa its so nice to meet people who are on the same road i am, Day 2 already tomorrow and so far so good how are you getting on I just want to get over day three and then hopefully i will be fine, Fingers crossed.

Jabbathehut you definatley sound like you know your stuff a nice hot bath and my jammies have really done the trick, Thank you for your kind words and good advice!!
Bring on the first weigh day ay girls!!!

Hannah x x
Hey all

I started today as well. Well I've been trying for the last two weeks with both being failures.. (although my birthday was last weekend, and it was a biggie so I indulged...ever so much)

So today/this weekend is the new me, although I am learning to love exercise...I just need to do it more!

So I'm totally with you guys, needing to get through the first week xx
PS Lisa i would ultimatly like to lose 7 stone but i will just take eaqch day as it comes, I just want to feel confident and happy in my clothes!!
Hannah x x
Hey Gang!!!

Nice to have a few of us all at the start of the long and winding road together... sure with each others support we'll achieve great things!
Hey Coogee

Nice to see someone else joining the club :)

I'm sure we will achieve wonderful things with each others support and kind words :)

Hope everyone has a great Thursday rolling into an even better Friday :)

Gem x


This is the last time!!
How are you all doing? xx
hey hunnies :)

Im surprised at how easy it has been for me till now, i think as id hit rock bottom something just clicked :). How is everyone else doing?

Nessy x x


This is the last time!!
hey hunnies :)

Im surprised at how easy it has been for me till now, i think as id hit rock bottom something just clicked :). How is everyone else doing?

Nessy x x
Nessy, I totally agree with the 'hitting rock bottom' part of your post. I cried my last tears over my weight, my body, my battle in the days leading up to my restart. I refuse to abuse my body anymore, I refuse to let my weight rule my life and stop me from doing things, I refuse to give in and be greedy, eating for the sake of it.....
My 17.3 stone start weight is disappearing - 4 weeks in and I am 15.8!! Quite a difference! My once tight size 20's now need a belt (have NEVER owned a belt and had to steal hubby's!!), a couple more weeks and my 18's will be 'decent' enough to wear out! Then, I'm aiming for those all important 16's!!

I dont know about you guys, but I feel that I let my weight become my excuse for everything 'wrong' in my life. Never, EVER again!

Keep up the great work, it is so much 'easier' when you are totally focussed xxx
Hey hun,

I totally agree, i think for so long ive blamed my weight for the reason why something didnt happen, and i thought i "tried" to diet when i never did i was just making excuses oh i carnt diet today im going out or ive got a meeting ect ect and then one day i took a long hard look in the mirror and relised before i know it im going to waste my life being fat and at that moment i decided to do this diet. I get weighted tomorrow and im so excited as i know its working already and ive not once thought of food at all, i still even cook food for my bf which to me is amazing lol

Nessy x x
I restarted the CD on 27th March; I lost 5 stones with CD about 5 years ago and pretty much maintained my loss for most of the time; However last year I became complacement and old bad habits returned so I gained 3 stones. I have restarted to get rid of my gain; I know this diet works and it will not take that long to lose it. Took me 4 months last time to lose 5 stones.
So here goes, lets hope all us new starters have some fantastic losses so we can look forward to a much slimmer summer.:)