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Who is joining a group?

I personally am trying to do it on my own this time, BUT, when I did it last year I did really well at a group and I think that they are well worth the money if you can afford to go!

The problem with doing it on my own, is that I used to just think it didn't matter if I gained, because who'd know? But when I was going to my meetings to be weighed, I used to be so worried about gaining (because I'd have been soooo embarrassed!!) that I lost every single week - I gained back all my weight bit by bit after I stopped going.

That said, I feel really determined to do it this time, so I am trying it on my own, BUT, the first week I give up and gain, I will be going back to a meeting - it's worth the money in my opinion.

There are a lot of people on here who have done exceptionally well doing it on their own at home and using this forum as their support instead of a meeting, so ultimately I think it really does depend on the individual.


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Hi Sam,

I am going to do WW and will be joining a group for the social side of things and for the discipline.

Was meant to join last night but not up to dieting just now as I am getting over the flu:sick:

I hope to start next Monday night:)

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I'm doing it at home as it's hard for me to get to meetings. Even if I could go to one, I'm not sure I'd enjoy the experience of being publicly weighed. Especially because I like to strip off when I get on the scales :)
Yeah I think this would be strange for me as well. I don't want everybody to know my weight. And actually this group is something like a group-although we don't really know each other something connects us: the aim to lose weight!
Marie_D you said that you are trying to do it alone this time. So how is it? Do you still have the same self-descipline which you had the last time while joining the group?
Marie_D you said that you are trying to do it alone this time. So how is it? Do you still have the same self-discipline which you had the last time while joining the group?
At the moment I'm ok and within my points, but it is only day 4, lol. I do feel determined this time and I do really believe I will do this - I feel no less determined now than I did when I was going to my meeting - if anything I feel MORE determined. Only time will tell if I can actually manage it (though I'm sure I will - I KNOW I WILL :)).

I do think I've helped myself a bit this time by setting myself really small goals to aim for. When I went to my meetings last year the ww leader set me an initial goal of 10% (which I think they all do?), it was something to aim for, but it seemed so far away and such a slog - once I got there I was overjoyed, felt like I'd worked really hard and then just stopped going to my meetings and gained it all back. This time my goals are all really close together, so it shouldn't take me long to get to each of them, which I hope will give me more of push to reach them and carry on for the next one and the next one etc - every time I reach one goal I'll only be a few pounds away from the next one, so I hope that will help me go all the way this time.

Some people need the meetings and some people don't - I couldn't get back on ww last year after I stopped going to my meetings and they really did help me along at the time, BUT, I seem to have found an inner determination and with the help of my own mini goals I hope to do it on my own this time (well, not 'on my own', with the help of you guys ;)).

Anyway, sorry for the boring post, I do tend to ramble on :rolleyes:


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I'm going it alone (with you guys!!) because I am a shift worker, and therefore cannot make the group every week, and don't wanna miss weeks etc cos thats when I start to think I can cheat....also, the only person losing out is me if i cheat....I need to lose the weight for ME, and going to the group in my opinion has just made me feel like I have to go and its a drag in the past..and I have even talked myself out of carrying on with a diet in the past just so I wouldnt have to miss eastenders!! and at the end of the day, that isnt the point!! the point was what was going into my cakehole!! so I am going to stick it out alone for a while, but if i struggle at any time and nothing else works, I might go to one!!

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