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Who Recommends Mix a Mousse??


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I dooo i adore MAM.. easy to make the key is to only have 150ml don't have anymore than that, otherwise it won't set. water It took me about 7-8 attemps to get it right. This ment i wasted all these packets at £2.00 each:sigh: lol.

It's as if u are eating really soft mousse...!:):)

enjoy x


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Love the mix-a-mousse! Any of the 'normal' flavours are nice e.g. choc, choc mint, strawberry. My fav none normal flavour shake into mousse is butterscotch and toffee n walnut! I sometimes put my mousse in the freezer on super freeze for 10mins and it comes out like sorbet/frozen yoghurt!


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My best tip for you making the MAM is adding the scoop of MAM to your sachet(whichever flavour you fancy,i love strawberry) and giving it a good mix around with a spoon before your add it to the water,this way the MAM is well and truly blended into the sachet.Then add it to the water and i use a blender for about one and a half minutes so i know it will be well and truly mixed up.
I have to say i use a little more than 150mls of water as i find it a little to thick for my taste,i use around 200mls,but it really depends on your taste i suppose.It still sets well for me i just have to leave it a little longer in the fridge.
Hope this helps a little


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ooooo mousse, when can you start these? im start w2 tomorow!!
You can have them from week 3 :)

I loooooove MAM, they are my fave, strawberry & choc mint are best, and butterscotch & vanilla.

I do it like this,

1. Run cold tap, put 175ml water into jug (200 too runny, 150 too thick)
2. open shake pack & put one scoop MAM in, stir thoroughly or you will get lumps when it sets!
3. Add to water, mix loosely with spoon
4. Use stick blender for 1 minute (tried whisk blender, didn't work for me!)
5. Put into bowl & pop into freezer for 10 mins
Viola! Perfect mousse!! :D


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its setting in the fridge!!

i have just come back from WI lost another 41/2 lbs, i can see a pattern forming!! :D so ive lost 22lbs in 4 weeks!! and a total of 8 inches all over!! i love CD:clap:

i am so happy as i thought that i had only lost 2lbs.

anyway i have choc orange mousse in the fridge, ive never had mousse or the choc orange, so here goes but it does look lovely!!

heres to week 5

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not keen personally tastes plastic to me.


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I've not got on with it as yet. Will give it another go, then be done with it, if I don't like it :)


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Well I didn't like the choc orange mousse it gave me a sore throat!!

I've had the mint choc that was much nicer!! But I'm still not sure about the MAM it tastes a bit salty.

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Choc orange gives me a sore throat too. I only like it as a shake with my 810 milk allowance. Have you tried strawberry or vanilla? :)

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The fat is melting away!
Choc orange has an after taste dunno if its because its lactose free. Choc and choc mint are lush.

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