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who shops at asda?


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We usually shop at Asda, and they do have a fair selection of WW products. :)

Be nice for you just to have a change and see what things they do that Morrisons dont.

Enjoy mooching around for some nice tasty goodies.


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I have heard that about Tescos before but havent shopped there for a while so might have to have a mooch round there soon, its a shame more supermarkets dont follow their footsteps :)


The Me Is Back.........
Now what is wrong with Asda....? Martin are you getting paid by Tesco to advertise for them....lol

I would happily nominate my asda for the bulldozer i like asda just not the one i shop in.

I do my weekly shop at Tesco.com, because their own brand range is good. However, I do pop to our local Asda most weeks to pick up some ww bits, because they do have a much bigger selection than Tesco. For a start, Tesco.com don't do the oval pizzas but Asda does, and I love the spicy chicken one! I actually went there tonight just to get a few ww pizzas for the freezer, lol!
Oh you should definitely try them! I had one for my lunch today with some cajun chips...all for 5.5 points! I really really enjoyed it too, was blo*dy gorgeous!! Hence me getting the same for tomorrow, lol
ouu yes, the pizzas are lovely yum yum!!

i did an online shop at asda last night ;) and trawled through looking for WW stuff, got lots of things including the malt loaf which i cant wait to try:D delivery tomorrow :eat:
im gutted :tear_drop: they substituted the ww malt loa for a soreen one cos they were out of stock!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:


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I prefer ASDA but usually do my online shop at TESCO cos the former don't deliver to my area and the latter, do!

How strange to find myself in a 'regular food' section of the forum. I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time.

I'll go on buying the Tesco Value Sparkling Water which is currently 23p and not the usual 17p per two litres - but now I can indulge my beloved Tesco Diet Ginger Beer and Diet Dandelion and Burdock... yum.

A whole new world awaits me. Just gotta take it slow and steady.

Never tried WW. I might check it out online.

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