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Who uses the bars and shakes


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The shakes are fine because they are sweetened with allowed sweeteners and don't contain polyols. Two of those a day would be fine.

As for the bars...the polyols are a real issue for most people. They stall many people and a lot of people believe that Atkins wouldn't have a lot of the new bars that 'Atkins Nutrionals' have released. Personally I wouldn't bother, but if you do, don't have a two a day! I'd bet anything that you'd lose a lot less weight having 14 bars spread out over the week. Go clean and natural!


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I was just looking at the packaging and thought the shakes look a lot 'better'. I have one of those atkins starter packs and it contains various bars and shakes. I will use them as I have them and see how it affects my losses. The bars look very nice, perhaps I'll have one on a saturday as a treat.


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Oh and J2, I wouldn't have 2 bars a day, that really would be too good to be true but I'm definitely going to have a shake for breakfast as I struggle with eggs/cheese/meat in the mornings.


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I only have the bars in the cupboard in case of a sweet craving, I used to have them all the time and just couldnt lose anything, which is a shame as they are so yummy! I just have one every now and then as a treat.


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I have up to 3 a day of the bars...i.e. Day break bar for breakfast, indulgence bar as snack and meal replacement for either lunch or dinner. They're working very well in my diet.

I did buy the chocolate shakes when they were on offer in sainsbury but not worth the full 2 quid in my opinion (ready made)


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Wow 3 a day Drasim :) Sounds like you're doing ok on it though!

Thanks everyone x


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Definitely avoid bars on induction. Ideally go for unprocessed food as well ie skip the shakes to get started if you can
Jane the latest book says you can use up to 2 products a day. As you can see a lot of people don't recommend it but its up to you if you want to give it a go.

I have had a bar for breakfast everyday and still lost, and am now starting to have shakes too.


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One of the things to beware on the bars is that for some people the polyols cause insulin response just like sugar. Therefore may find it makes you hungry or causes cravings for carbs. Also some people have bottom problems (enof said :eek: )
Yes and those 'problems' when they do arise are sometimes referred to as the 'polytrots' lol.


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I have 2 shakes a day with an a-z multi vit with minerals, and an evening meal. If I get peckish I'll have a meat snack or a palm portion of nuts
I have literally just eaten a dark chocolate crisp bar - omg it was disgusting, but I think it most mostly psychological - reading the ingredients it is mostly chemicals. :eek: I felt like I was eating paint or something! That cannot be good for you!

What about the Celebrity Slim bars? Does anyone use them? I think bars are definitely a good idea for breakfast replacement, as atkins breakfast (meat/eggs) can be impractical for taking into work (which is where I eat breakfast!)


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Suggestions for breakfast (that avoids bars which stall many people) include : mims (see sticky), cold sausages, hard boiled eggs etc

The bars may seem easy but not necessarily worth it!


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flowerbomb said:
What about the Celebrity Slim bars? Does anyone use them? I think bars are definitely a good idea for breakfast replacement, as atkins breakfast (meat/eggs) can be impractical for taking into work (which is where I eat breakfast!)
Bars tend to stall people including me but if they work for you fair enough. Personally I try not to eat them at all and when I do it's usually the TOTM when I'm craving real chocolate as I figure it's better than giving in to that.

Having tried them all I now mainly buy the Atkins Chocolate Indulgence bar as I think its taste and texture is the best, like a chocolate brownie. I don't think Celebrate Slim products are low carb but I could be wrong. Good luck though.

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I've got the cafe royale shakes as a breakfast meal and they're quite nice - only had 2 so not sure if they will stall me ... Watch this space ... I've bought a tin of atkins vanilla powder but not tried it yet... Just hoping I don't stall!


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I have 2 of the chocolate shakes each day and I think they are ok. Everything is subject to personal taste
yeah personal taste is right, my sister LOVES them! shes just bought my tubs off me!
i had a brownie bar for the first time yesterday, so yummy. im a total chocoholic, i have read they stall people though so will try to keep it to one or two bars a week

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