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Who would like to be a consultant

Just wondering how many of us would consider becoming a consultant once we are at target? I was thinking last night during group that it must be wonderful to meet and help so many people reach their goal and might consider it once i am at target. Just wondered if anyone else had considered it? x
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I would absolutely love to be a consultant - however I work full time and don't think I would be able to dedicate enough time to this as well as my job and my family so sadly I can't do it.

It's not just taking the classes, it's the training/promotional work I wouldn't have the time for.

Boo hoo :-(


Slow but sure....
It must be great to see all these people gradully losing weight, it must be a joy to see how you are helping them get their lives back together again.

My health would be against me and also the fact that I am not able to drive anymore.

But, congratulations to anyone who goes ahead and becomes a SW Consultant, thank you and good luck to you all.


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you do know you dont have to be at target dont you, maybe speak to your leader.
i know at our meeting they sometimes have an area manager come round and ask if anyone is interested and then you are invited to an open evening (no strings attached) just to see what its all about


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I'd love to do it! They are always promoting open days round here. What puts me off is the money side of it to start up. I don't really have the funds with OH not working.
Perhaps i will have a chat with my leader next week as i have no idea what else is involved in doing it. I will also look into the open evenings as that sounds very interesting.
I would like to but one of my friends paid for his ex wife to start up. He says it was about £2000 but she then packed it in within weeks. Thats alot of money if it doesn't work out:(


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You can buy a franchaise for as little as £500 but the "normal" one is £1000. You have to buy the boards, advertising stuff, everything.... I'd still like to do it but I really think you need to do a few groups to make it worthwhile IMO.
I would love to become a consultant and I can think of a million things I could do that would be better than my group leader! I'm unemployed at the moment so it's still a bit of a dream but you never know in the future.


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Me me me! I would love it, but like others I work full time and we want to start a family in a few years. So though I know many Cs multi-task their life (and well done for those that do), I am not sure it would fit in with my plans.

But it would be ace!! :)


I will succeed!!!
P.S Where I live there is little scope left for groups. It's lots of small towns and villages and there is a large selection already. My group is small compared to some so starting a new group might be hard :-(
Does anyone know what kind of returns there are doing this? I know it depends on how many members you have but I wonder how long you would need to do it for before seeing a 'wage' x


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I went to an event last friday, you pay about £1000 in all for the liscense, equipment, advertisement and insurance. I went to the event really enthusiastic about it, but working full time and part time already I came away from it feeling that it would be far too much to take on. Spoke to my consultant who is adamant that I should go for it and he says you have to put in alot of work for the 1st ten days with all the training and leaflet drops but after that you get out of it what you put into it. He says he knows that he should really do more but he only works the 2-3 hours that he spends at his 2 classes. Cant help but think that its easy money really and why not cus you'll be helping acheive their goals!


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I think you have to be within 2 stone of your goal weight to become a consultant. I've still got a long way to go but it is definitely something I would love to do in the future.
If I could be half as inspiring to others as my consultant is to me I would be happy.
I think you have to be within 2 stone of your goal weight to become a consultant.
Ive never heard that before, I thought 'anyone' could do it x
I quite fancy the idea of being a consultant... Problem is I've done SW at home, so I've never even been to a meeting! I guess you should have been a proper, signed-up member to qualify for the job? xx

Pippy Bear

Fighting the fat!
Ive never heard that before, I thought 'anyone' could do it x
just had a check on the letter I got with my club 10 voucher, you need to be within 2 stone of your upper healthy weight range found in the 'passport to success'

I think it should be 'anyone', maybe with the proviso you have to keep on aiming for your target. I think it could be just as inspirational to watch your consultant on their journey to target as much as someone already there.


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i went for it once went to the induction then an interview but never got it my friend did tho,you have to pay and have an advert in paper,setting it up,you have to phone the members even though the one i have has never phoned me,she put 100% in and after a year gave up cause she had earned nothing after everything she paid out


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think i'd be petrified of talking to a class and ppl relying on me like that.
maybe thats just a confidence thing at the moment though and would feel differently once i'm near target.
good luck to those who could do it though x

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