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  1. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey everyone

    Am on day 3 of the whole 30 and was just wondering whether the no snacking rule gets easier and what time are people's meals typically?

    I have breakfast at 9 when I get into work and lunch at 1 and dinner usually around 7.30 so I find the afternoon a long stretch!

    Any other tips would be great

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  3. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Hi Whitey. Sorry, I don't know much about the Whole30, but just thought I'd say hello.
  4. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey moonwatcher

    Thanks v much for the welcome!

    It's basically a strict version of Paleo which you follow for 30 days and its meant to reset your relationship with food. Today is day three for me and you're meant to experience headaches and carb flu but so far so good!

    Have you been eating Paleo for long?

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  5. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    I'm following the basic Primal rules in conjunction with calorie counting. I started last weekend, with my OH. I'm trying it for general health and weight loss, he is doing it to get his blood sugars under control, as he has just been diagnosed diabetic. I must admit I preferred the idea of Primal over Paleo because it allowed me some dairy!
  6. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Haha yes I'm missing cheese already!
  7. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    I think I would really struggle giving up dairy. Mind you, I used to say that about wheat until I discovered I had to, and that wasn't as bad as I expected!
  8. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey goldie. Thanks for checking in! Well I am on day 14 and don't get me wrong, I've had my temptations but it's actually been ok and if I make the effort with cooking, the meals are gorgeous!

    I am actually going skiing tomorrow so won't be able to finish which I'm quite gutted about but we're staying in a catered chalet and it would be too stressful trying to eat within the rules. I am going to restart as soon as I am back and do 30 full days....

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  9. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Have a great time ski-ing.

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