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Whos on day 4? Anyone around?

Just wanted to get a bit more involved really and say big hello to all those on day 4? Maybe we should check in with each other daily?

I know Nicola444 is - how aRE YOU doing today Nicola, hope you are feeling a bit stronger :)

Update from my end is that splitting the packs is definately the way to go and having half packs, it felt great yesterday and managed to wait till before bed for my "tea" tucked up in the bed watching big bro with my tetra :D

Casual day today at the office and have put my jeans on and a vest top and they are very definately looser :cool: :party0011:

So come on then, hows everyone esle doing!
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I'm on day 4 to!

In a fowl mood though as only lost 1lb so far and not had the best news on an interview I went for yesterday :(

Trying to be strong though and stick it out! xx
Hi There All,

Yes, Day 4 for me today as well !!! WE SURVIVED DAY 3 YIPEE :clap:.

Today I am feeling much more positive and just booked myself a universal contour wrap for tomorrow!! - looking forward to that it was either that or a massage and opted for that as I really want to nourish my skin while doing this diet.

Had my chocolate mint shake today and on to my second litre of water - I've never drank so much water in my life but finding that part really easy, thankfully.

Got my weigh in later tonight as my CDC is on holiday so I'll let you know how I get on its only been 4 days but I do feel lighter, also my midriff area has really gone down and my face looks slimmer it must be a combination of bloating and water flushing out the toxins from my body, hopefully the universal contour wrap tomorrow will help with that too.

We can do this today girls with no blips!!!

Congrats guys on day 4 keep it up, you're doing fantastic!!!!
I'm on day 4 and today i am finding it a bit hard. I am so hungry today even though i'm in ketosis, i've had my lunch and have been drinking water all morning and honestly could eat a horse.

Just sitting here chewing the straw from my tetra
Keep it up people, look how well you've all done to go 4 days without eating!!!! And think how that's gonna reflect in the scales when you all get weighed..it'll all be worth it :-D
Hey gillybean - you might wanna stop chewing on that straw! I think (i could be wrong here, but I'm sure someone like icemoose will correct me if I am) chewing makes you more hungry as it stimulates the production of saliva in you mouth, sending a signal to your stomach that food is on the way - and I think that your stomach then produces digestive juices ready for food. When no food arrives .... tum tum not happy! Growling, gurgling, hunger pangs etc I think i heard somewhere that this can lead to ulcers ... but again, no expert!!

Sorry hun - seems like a right old moaning post, just don't want you to be more hungry than you already are! A glass of water is the way to go (says she craving rice krispies!!)

mmmm rice crispie cakes would be nice mmmmm
I can relate about what to chew something and know that it is not good but better than eating something at the end of the day.

My jaws yesterday were killing me and I think it is with not eating, not sure if anyone else has had that?

Keep going guys together we can get though this and get our photos on the inspiration slide show!!!

I found peppermint tea really staved off the hunger yesterday.

Ive got my mint choc shake for "lunch" and im going to do it in 2 halves as I have to go and see a mate in hospital on the way home, so wont get in till later, so better stave it off.

Im waiting for the lunch time rush to calm down in the office, I can't bear the shame of going in the kictchen in front of the crowds with my pack and stick blender LOL . then after my 1/2 pack im popping down to tescos to stock up on peppermint tea and for a nice half hour walk and then back for the afternoon, have the other half pack at 3.30- if i need it and i should be all right till later tonight. Hopefully!

my jaw is hurting too, Im trying not to think about it...
:) Hi. I am not on day 4 - am on day 7. Had my first weigh in last night and discovered had lots 10lbs - which is great motivation....BUT...am thinking...hmmm would a bit of steamed fish really do any harm? How bad is that?!! It's only cos I am still so damn hungry. My cdc said i need to up my intake of water, as I am in ketosis but am still hungry. I feel awash with water, have drunk nearly 3 litres today all ready and still feel hungry! grrrrrrrrr:mad: Am sure that by end of week 2, i will feel less hungry - well that's what I am keeping my fingers crossed for!!

So have started thinking - one day at a time - that way should stop me eating anything! No way I want to ruin it after such a great loss.

So, even though you may feel a bit rough at the moment, just think of the loss you will have achived - even after 4 days!! :p
I am really focusing on one day at a time but like you thinking would some grilled prawns be that bad!!!

not so little L - I got told by CDC not to drink peppermint tea as it might stop ketosis did you get the okay for that as I love peppermint tea and it would really help me get through this.
Day 4 for me too on my restart and its hard :( getting there very slowly this time, the ketosis fairy still hasnt come to visit :9

Nikki x
I am really focusing on one day at a time but like you thinking would some grilled prawns be that bad!!!

not so little L - I got told by CDC not to drink peppermint tea as it might stop ketosis did you get the okay for that as I love peppermint tea and it would really help me get through this.
Absolutely, thats what she said. I did think at the time, "big wow!!" as Im not that keen on them. however, with a sweetex in and the lack of any other alternatives LOL, they are pretty nice! :cool:

She said that we cant have any fruit teas as obviously they will contain some fructose, but any teas from the leaf are fine.

there does seem to be A LOT of contradictory info about. Im going to be mighty naffed off if im not in ketosis cos of the peppermint tea that I was told was fine :sigh:


Gone fishing
Just wanted to say hi not-so-little-l. Recognise you from the Cambridge thread on another forum.

Welcome to minimins :)


Gone fishing
You're welcome :) Just avoid the fruit or root teas.

Also earl grey is best to avoid too.

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